Emily Taylor

Standard Name: Taylor, Emily


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Friends, Associates Harriet Martineau
A close friend at this time was the somewhat older Emily Taylor , distantly related by marriage, who was from 1820 a published writer of didactic children's books.
Arbuckle, Elisabeth. “Harriet Martineau and her Feminine ’Tail’”. Women’s Writing, No. 3, pp. 445 - 59.
Friends, Associates Harriet Martineau
For nearly six years she was an invalid, though she was able to work very productively for the first few years and remained well enough to receive visitors. She was helped financially by two female...


Emily Taylor (1795-18), who is remembered for books connected with her school-teaching career, published Memories of some Contemporary Poets, with Selections from their Writings, with a good representation of women among her subjects (from...