Theodosia Trollope

Standard Name: Trollope, Theodosia


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death Isa Blagden
Her grave is near those of her friends Elizabeth Barrett Browning , Theodosia Trollope and Frances Trollope ).
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Eleanor Trollope
In 1867, the year after their marriage, FET and her husband separated for a while. They publicly said little of their troubles; they may have had disagreements over the scandal surrounding Ellen Ternan and Charles Dickens
Friends, Associates Isa Blagden
IB tended her ailing friend Theodosia Trollope at the Villino Trollope in Florence.
Austin, Alfred, and Isa Blagden. “Memoir”. Poems, William Blackwood and Sons.
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
FPC 's connections from home gave her introductions into the circles of US and British women living in Italy, including Harriet Hosmer (who became a close friend). She met Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning ...
Leisure and Society Isa Blagden
IB was fond of society life, had a wide circle of friends, and was noted for her hospitality. Her home at the Villa Brichieri, with its terraced garden overlooking Florence and the Arno, was...
Literary Setting Linda Villari
In Change Unchanged is another of LV 's novels with a plethora of landscape description and hints of the autobiographical. Throughout the life journey of its protagonist, Edith Henderson, which includes the seclusion and loneliness...
Occupation Frances Eleanor Trollope
Frances Eleanor Ternan (later FET ) worked as companion governess to Thomas Adolphus Trollope 's twelve-year-old daughter, Beatrice Trollope (Bice), after the latter's mother died.
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Residence Frances Trollope
FT moved in with her son Thomas Adolphus and daughter-in-law Theodosia at Villino Trollope in Florence.
Johnston, Johanna. The Life, Manners, and Travels of Fanny Trollope: A Biography. Hawthorn Books.
Heineman, Helen. Mrs. Trollope: The Triumphant Feminine in the Nineteenth Century. Ohio University Press.
Residence Frances Trollope
The Villino Trollope was located in the Piazza Maria Antonia—which was eventually to be known as the Piazza dell' Indipendenza; the house was kept up partially with income generated from FT 's writing...


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