Emanuel Swedenborg

Standard Name: Swedenborg, Emanuel
Used Form: Emmanuel Swedenborg


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Cultural formation Sarah Orne Jewett
SOJ was attracted to the ritual of the Anglican service, and was confirmed as an Episcopalian, although when in South Berwick her family attended the Congregationalist church. However, the most profound religious influence on her...
Cultural formation Sheila Kaye-Smith
From childhood SKS was fervently religious. Her parents were Anglicans (though her mother had been brought up a Presbyterian ).
Walker, Dorothea. Sheila Kaye-Smith. Twayne.
She was attracted to the idea of self-sacrifice, though not to the obedience and...
Cultural formation Annie Keary
Having found she could live with Broad Church theology as to the issue of damnation, she later encountered further difficulties over new scientific theories. These threatened her intellectual hold on religion, though her sister insists...
Cultural formation Margery Lawrence
ML accepted the spiritualist belief that there are levels of existence in the afterlife, or the Other Side, the lowest being the astral plane. One's plane on the Other Side, she maintained...
Cultural formation William Blake
He belonged to the class of London shopkeepers and artisans known for hard work, sturdy financial effort, and independent opinions in religion and politics. William was a visionary from his childhood, someone who when he...
Cultural formation Lydia Maria Child
As to religion, LMC had a natural leaning towards piety, but disliked most of the Christian sects of which she had experience. She found the Unitarians too cold, the Swedenborgians (to whom early in her...
Education Mary Catherine Hume
Together they carefully studied the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and she was deeply influenced by Tulk's philosophy. They also read and studied Shakespeare .
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 240. Gale Research.
240: 101
Family and Intimate relationships Katharine Bruce Glasier
KBG was devastated by her husband's death, but later she began to experience visions of his continuing presence (as she did of her son's presence after he too died).
Kelly, Gary, and Edd Applegate, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 190. Gale Research.
Glasier, Katharine Bruce. The Glen Book. London.
John Bruce Glasier had...
Intertextuality and Influence Kathleen Raine
KR 's poetry, which focusses on archetypal forms of being, is influenced by Swedenborg and the Neo-Platonists. She was also fascinated by the avant-garde movements of her era: Bloomsbury Humanism, Freud ianism, Wittgenstein 's and...
Intertextuality and Influence A. S. Byatt
Together, says Byatt, the stories make up one exploration of Victorian anxieties about what it was to be human.
Byatt, A. S. A. S. Byatt. http://www.asbyatt.com/.
The Conjugial Angel (whose odd spelling of conjugal derives from Emanuel Swedenborg ) relates the story...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Catherine Hume
Tulk, her friend and mentor and a leading Swedenborg ian, had died the previous year.
The British Library copy has a newspaper cutting bound in, and manuscript notes.
A second edition, expanded by C. Pooley
Other Life Event Alfred Tennyson
Apparently he later used mesmerism to soothe his wife after the birth of their son. He was also interested in the ideas of the eighteenth-century philosopher and seer Emanuel Swedenborg .
Porter, Katherine H. Through a Glass Darkly: Spiritualism in the Browning Circle. Octagon.
politics Eliza Fenwick
Fifty years later EF remembered being a unit of a circle where Faiths, Politics, Systems & Literature were constantly discussed—I, a mere listener among the Elite of those well qualified to be assailants & defenders....
Author summary Mary Catherine Hume
MCH , who following her marriage published as Mary Hume-Rothery, wrote in a number of genres from the mid-nineteenth century onwards Her works include a biography, several collections of poems (many of which reflect her...
Textual Production Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde , probably either translated or revised an earlier translation of philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg 's Heaven and Hell, with the new title The Future Life.
Melville, Joy. Mother of Oscar. John Murray.


8 September 1836: The Transcendental Club (also known as the...

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8 September 1836

The Transcendental Club (also known as the Hedge Club and the Symposium ) was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts; it brought together various thinkers who were at the forefront of Transcendentalism.

11 October 1845: A translated edition of Emanuel Swedenborg's...

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11 October 1845

A translated edition of Emanuel Swedenborg 's work The Principia was published in London; this form of spiritualism soon became popular in elite intellectual circles.


Swedenborg, Emanuel. The Future Life. Translator Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde, Chapman, 1853.