Marie Jeanne Phlipon Roland de la Platière

Standard Name: Roland de la Platière, Marie Jeanne Phlipon
Used Form: Marie Jeanne Phlipon Roland de la Platiere
Used Form: Manon Roland
Used Form: Marie-Jeanne Roland
Used Form: Madame Roland


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Friends, Associates Mary Wollstonecraft
In Paris MW met several of her radical friends from London, like Tom Paine , as well as Helen Maria Williams and her lover John Hurford Stone . She also met French revolutionaries like Manon Roland
Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
In Paris HMW frequented Mme Roland 's salon, and she and Stone became close friends of Roland and her husband . Those who visited HMW early in her time in Paris included Mary Wollstonecraft (who...
Intertextuality and Influence Catharine Macaulay
Though CM 's work later became synonymous with radical history, at its first appearance moderate Whigs likeThomas Gray and Horace Walpole thought it the most sensible, unaffected, and best history of England that we...
Intertextuality and Influence Henrietta Rouviere Mosse
The widely varied quotations heading the chapters include some in Latin (Virgil , Cicero , Lucretius , Horace ) and some in French (Rousseau , Voltaire , Marmontel , and Manon Roland ). The English writers quoted include Mary Robinson .
McLeod, Deborah. The Minerva Press. University of Alberta.
Literary responses Lydia Maria Child
John Greenleaf Whittier felt that this novel, together with LMC 's lives of Manon Roland and Germaine de Staël (first volume in The Ladies' Family Library) showed that polemical writing had not harmed her...
Literary responses Florence Dixie
Holyoake , the dedicatee, in his prefatory piece (like W. Stewart Ross commenting on The Story of Ijain) defends FD 's work not only by assertion (it is a a marvel of thought...
Literary responses Lady Rachel Russell
As love-letters, they made a great and immediate impression on their readers. Yet later this year Mary Russell Mitford wrote of LRR with dislike. Mitford found her heavy, preachy, and prosy. As a writer, she...
Literary responses Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
The future JFLW 's early verse inspired many to submit articles to the Nation.
Wyndham, Horace. Speranza. T. V. Boardman.
Charles Duffy described her writing as a substantial force in Irish politics, the vehement will of a woman of...
Occupation Mary Leadbeater
Around the time they were married, the couple entertained an extensive plan for moving to revolutionary France and engaging in educational and political activities (including work for the abolition of slavery) under the auspices of...
politics Helen Maria Williams
HMW had enough warning to burn many of her papers, along with those of Marie-Jeanne Roland (who was executed on 7 November). Next month the fear of being guillotined was lifted and the Williams women...
politics Frances Isabella Duberly
Her war experience played havoc with FID 's gender attitudes. Amid disease, death, cruelty, and official complacency, she wrote in a letter that she had become too hard to cry for anyone but her horse:...
Author summary Mary Leadbeater
ML 's name is identified with that of the Quaker village of Ballitore in County Kildare, whose cultural historian she was throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Though this Irish author wrote...
Publishing Ethel Savi
John Lane asked her to meet his reader, M. P. (Mary Patricia) Willcocks (herself the author of some very clever novels), who suggested that ES should rewrite her manuscript.
Savi, Ethel. My Own Story. Hutchinson.
M. P. Willcocks was...
Textual Features Lydia Maria Child
LMC 's first four subjects were all known for their writings and for their resistance to tyrannical authority, either political or religious, but she is more interested here in what she alleges to have been...
Textual Features Mrs F. C. Patrick
In the course of a busy plot Augusta is abducted, but saves herself from a forced marriage (her mother, the instigator of this outrage, affects to think her married in the sight of Heaven) by...


31 May-2 June 1793: Power was seized in France in a coup d'état...

National or international item

31 May-2 June 1793

Power was seized in France in a coup d'état by the faction called La Montagne or the Montagnards (mountaineers, from their seats high up in the assembly).

8 November 1793: Manon Roland, formerly regarded as a leader...

National or international item

8 November 1793

Manon Roland , formerly regarded as a leader of the Girondins or moderate revolutionaries (often known as Madame Roland), was guillotined in Paris.

1911: Ida Ashworth Taylor contributed the Life...

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Ida Ashworth Taylor contributed the Life of Madame Roland to her oeuvre of biographies.


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