Mary Willcocks

Standard Name: Willcocks, Mary


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Intertextuality and Influence Dora Marsden
The Freewoman's other writing contributors included Rebecca West , radical feminists Ada Neild Chew and Theresa Billington-Greig , Stella Browne (later founder of the Abortion Law Reform Association ), anarchists Rose Witcop and Guy Aldred
Literary responses Ethel Savi
Willcocks gave the novel a good review in The Literary World, and it was received very well by the Press in many other reviews, as well as drawing some letters of appreciation.
Savi, Ethel. My Own Story. Hutchinson.
Publishing Ethel Savi
John Lane asked her to meet his reader, M. P. (Mary Patricia) Willcocks (herself the author of some very clever novels), who suggested that ES should rewrite her manuscript.
Savi, Ethel. My Own Story. Hutchinson.
M. P. Willcocks was...


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