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politics Charlotte Smith
It was on 2 November that she sought to intervene in the course of French politics by writing to Joel Barlow , probably hoping through him to influence Jacques-Pierre Brissot and the Girondins .
Fletcher, Loraine. Charlotte Smith: A Critical Biography. Macmillan, 1998.
Textual Production Mary Wollstonecraft
She thus became a contributor to the restructuring that was to transform the whole fabric of French civil life.
Tomalin, Claire. The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft. Penguin, 1992.
She was given this opportunity by friends among the feminist and reformist Girondins ; the...


31 May-2 June 1793
Power was seized in France in a coup d'état by the faction called La Montagne or the Montagnards (mountaineers, from their seats high up in the assembly).
13 July 1793
Charlotte Corday , a Royalist from Normandy, assassinated Marat as he lay in his bath.
8 November 1793
Manon Roland , formerly regarded as a leader of the Girondins or moderate revolutionaries (often known as Madame Roland), was guillotined in Paris.