George Jacob Holyoake

Standard Name: Holyoake, George Jacob


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Dedications Florence Dixie
It had existed in manuscript in some form by 1877, when FD drafted her First Preface to it.
Dixie, Florence, and George Jacob Holyoake. Isola. Leadenhall Press, 1903.
She dedicated the book to George Jacob Holyoakein admiration of his long and courageous fight...
Literary responses Florence Dixie
Holyoake , the dedicatee, in his prefatory piece (like W. Stewart Ross commenting on The Story of Ijain) defends FD 's work not only by assertion (it is a a marvel of thought...
politics Helen Taylor
HT campaigned as the liberal candidate for North Camberwell on a platform of legal reform in favour of women's rights, as well as improved working conditions and wage increases for the working classes.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder, 1908.
She received...


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