Charles Gavan Duffy

Standard Name: Duffy, Charles Gavan


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Anthologization Eliza Dunlop
In 1866 Charles Gavan Duffy reprinted this touching little ballad in his Ballad Poetry of Ireland, though he could not learn the author's name.
Hansord, Katie. “A Forgotten Colonial Woman Poet”. Tinteán.
Education Augusta Gregory
AG gave herself a political education by buying all of the Fenian books she could get from the local bookseller with the money she earned from learning verses from the Bible. Her sister supported her...
Family and Intimate relationships Dora Sigerson
George Sigerson , DS 's father, was a doctor specialising in nervous disorders (a new area of research), a poet, and a Gaelic scholar. He lectured on biology at the National University of Ireland ...
Friends, Associates Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Charles Gavan Duffy , editor of the Irish nationalist periodical the Nation, visited contributor Jane Frances Elgee (later JFLW ) at her home in Dublin.
Melville, Joy. Mother of Oscar. John Murray.
Literary responses Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
The future JFLW 's early verse inspired many to submit articles to the Nation.
Wyndham, Horace. Speranza. T. V. Boardman.
Charles Duffy described her writing as a substantial force in Irish politics, the vehement will of a woman of...
Literary responses Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Jacta Alea Est was much discussed around Dublin and established Elgee's revolutionary reputation in the eyes of the Young Irelanders . Though authorities assumed Duffy was the author, it was generally known in the city's...
Occupation Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
In her writing of inflammatory leaders (while Duffy was in prison), and in her public appearance at his trial (to claim responsibility for her work and thereby lessen the number of counts against him), Elgee
politics Katharine Tynan
The Society was co-founded by Sir Charles Gavan Duffy and Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde , while George Sigerson served as president. The Irish National Literary Society in Dublin was also formed in this year.
Yeats, W. B. Letters to Katharine Tynan. Editor McHugh, Roger, Clonmore and Reynolds.
Boyd, Ernest. Ireland’s Literary Renaissance. Grant Richards.
87, 90
politics Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
JFLW was no democrat, but an ardent Irish nationalist (as was her future husband). She was deeply discouraged by the failure of the 1848 uprising. She was supportive of the Young Irelanders and published in...
Publishing Julia Kavanagh
Despite her prolonged absence from Ireland, JK maintained an interest in her native country. She sent a letter to Charles Gavan Duffy offering to write for The Nation without recompense, in order to promote...
Reception Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Charles Duffy , editor and friend of Jane Francesca Elgee (later JFLW ), was arrested at his home for sedition on account of contributions to the Nation, probably including hers.
Leighton, Angela, and Margaret Reynolds, editors. Victorian Women Poets: An Anthology. Blackwell.
Ó Broin, León. Charles Gavan Duffy, Patriot and Statesman. James Duffy.
Textual Production Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
A strident and controversial Irish newspaper called the Nation was founded in Dublin by Charles Gavan Duffy . It importantly influenced Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde .
Melville, Joy. Mother of Oscar. John Murray.
Textual Production Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Duffy's sister-in-law, Margaret Callan , was in editorial control of the periodical because Charles Duffy was being held on sedition charges.
Wyndham, Horace. Speranza. T. V. Boardman.


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Duffy, Charles Gavan. Four Years of Irish History, 1845-1849. Cassell, Petter, Galpin, 1883.