Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde

Standard Name: Wilde, Jane Francesca,,, Lady
Birth Name: Jane Frances Elgee
Self-constructed Name: Jane Francesca
Pseudonym: Speranza
Pseudonym: John Fenshaw Ellis
Married Name: Jane Francesca Wilde
Titled: Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde , remains best known for her fierce Irish Nationalist poems published in the Nation under the pseudonym Speranza. She became known too for her translations of both poetry and fiction. Her literary output, often published first in periodicals, also included travel writing, literary criticism, essays, leaders, and two collections of Irish folklore. After the death of her husband , she wrote primarily to support herself. Despite her substantial oeuvre spanning the mid to late Victorian periods, and her influence in both Dublin and London through her famous salons, her work has largely been forgotten even by Irish literary historians, and her career shadowed by that of her youngest son, Oscar Wilde .
English Heritage blue plaque honouring Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde, at 87 Oakley Street, Chelsea. It reads (using an inaccurate form of its subject's title and name) "Lady Jane Francesca Wilde 'Speranza' 1821-1896 Poet and Essayist lived here 1887-1896".
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Birth Oscar Wilde
OW was born in Dublin, the middle child of the Irish poet Jane Francesca Wilde (Speranza).
Ellmann, Richard. Oscar Wilde. Knopf, 1988.
Family and Intimate relationships Djuna Barnes
DB 's paternal grandmother, Zadel Barnes , was a successful journalist, novelist, and poet, whose work appeared regularly in Harper's Bazaar and the Pall Mall Gazette. She travelled to England in the 1880s with...
Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte O'Conor Eccles
Sir William Wilde , husband of Jane Francesca and father of Oscar , was a connection by marriage as well as a family friend.
O’Conor-Eccles”. Library Ireland.
Family and Intimate relationships Dora Sigerson
George Sigerson , DS 's father, was a doctor specialising in nervous disorders (a new area of research), a poet, and a Gaelic scholar. He lectured on biology at the National University of Ireland ...
Friends, Associates Mona Caird
She met Arthur Symons in June 1889, and in the following month Thomas Hardy carefully arranged to sit between her and Rosamund Marriott Watson (and opposite F. Mabel Robinson ) at a dinner of the...
Friends, Associates Anna Kingsford
While lecturing at the Zetetical Society , AK may have met Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb .
Pert, Alan. Red Cactus: The Life of Anna Kingsford. Books and Writers, 2006.
Through her interest in theosophy she became close to Marie, Countess of Caithness (later Duchess of Pomar)...
Literary responses Lucie Duff Gordon
Meinhold voiced his admiration for her rendering of his book, and dedicated his next work, Sidonia the Sorceress, to her, although this one was translated by Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde . In 1927 literary...
politics Katharine Tynan
The Society was co-founded by Sir Charles Gavan Duffy and Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde , while George Sigerson served as president. The Irish National Literary Society in Dublin was also formed in this year.
Yeats, W. B. Letters to Katharine Tynan. McHugh, RogerEditor , Clonmore and Reynolds, 1953.
Boyd, Ernest. Ireland’s Literary Renaissance. Grant Richards, 1922.
87, 90
politics Oscar Wilde
After time in two other institutions, OW served the bulk of his sentence in Reading Gaol in Berkshire. During this time he was declared bankrupt, and first his mother , then his wife Constance
Textual Features Helen Mathers
As editor of The Burlington, HM recruited authors such as Edward Aveling , A. C. Swinburne , and Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde . She contributed serial novels, short stories and editorial articles herself.
North, John S., editor. The Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals: 1800-1900.
Textual Production Louisa May Alcott
LMA 's writings were often printed serially before their volume publication. Periodicals such as the Atlantic Monthly, the Saturday Evening Gazette, the Christian Union, the Boston Commonwealth, the Flag of our...
Textual Production Oscar Wilde
Wilde shifted the magazine's focus from fashion and transformed it into an organ for women's opinions and feelings on the subjects of modern life, art, and literature, as well as style. He was also dedicated...
Wealth and Poverty Oscar Wilde
The expense of the trial compelled Wilde to declare bankruptcy. He was deeply hurt at losing beautifully bound editions of my father 's and my mother 's works.
Tóibín, Colm. “The Road to Reading Gaol”. London Review of Books, No. 23, pp. 3 - 10.


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