Jean-François Marmontel

Standard Name: Marmontel, Jean-François
Used Form: Jean-Francois Marmontel


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Intertextuality and Influence Henrietta Rouviere Mosse
The widely varied quotations heading the chapters include some in Latin (Virgil , Cicero , Lucretius , Horace ) and some in French (Rousseau , Voltaire , Marmontel , and Manon Roland ). The English writers quoted include Mary Robinson .
McLeod, Deborah. The Minerva Press. University of Alberta.
Literary responses Harriet Lee
The Critical Review (which thought the first volume of Canterbury Tales resembled the work of Marmontel , but happily without his profligate principles) was enthusiastic: We expect the second volume with impatience, as we have...
Performance of text Elizabeth Griffith
EG 's comedy The Platonic Wife (based on one of Marmontel 's tales, L'heureux divorce) opened at Drury Lane .
Griffith, Elizabeth. “Introduction”. The Delicate Distress, edited by Cynthia Booth Ricciardi and Susan Staves, University Press of Kentucky, p. vii - xviii.
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Textual Production Charlotte Brooke
Some years before her death CB wrote her tragedy Belisarius on a story popularised by Marmontel in his Bélisaire, 1767 (which had first reached English in the same year as its French publication). Charles Kemble
Textual Production Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
The year after Gonzalvo of Cordova, Barbarina Wilmot (later Lady Dacre) wrote her next historical tragedy, Pedarias, a Tragic Drama, basing her work this time on Les Incas by Jean-François Marmontel
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
(which had...
Textual Production Elizabeth Griffith
EG was probably one of the contributors to volume one of Moral Tales, an anonymous translation from Marmontel 's Contes moraux.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Textual Production Radagunda Roberts
RR 's earliest identified publication was a translation, begun as a French exercise, of Jean-François Marmontel 's highflown tales of maternal and marital love, which appeared at Gloucester as Select Moral Tales, By a Lady.
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1756: Jeanne Le Prince de Beaumont published Le...

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Jeanne Le Prince de Beaumont published Le Magasin des enfants, a collection containing the first influential and literary formulation of the popular fairy storyBeauty and the Beast.


Marmontel, Jean-François. Select Moral Tales. Translator Roberts, Radagunda, 1763.