John Galsworthy

Standard Name: Galsworthy, John
JG was a novelist and dramatist who began publishing just before the end of the nineteenth century. The series of novels for which he is now best known, The Forsyte Saga, is historical, since its story begins forty years before the first in the series appeared. In 1921 JG became first president of the PEN Club (later PEN International ) founded by Catharine Amy Dawson Scott and Violet Hunt , and he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1922.


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Dedications G. B. Stern
The latter title dates from the first US edition, 1925. The Virago edition of 1987 has an introduction by Julia Neuberger . This work (dedicated to John Galsworthy ) was followed by A Deputy was...
Education Viola Meynell
After leaving school at sixteen, VM read widely on her own, especially English authors: George Eliot , Dickens , George Meredith , Arnold Bennett , John Galsworthy , and Thomas Hardy .
MacKenzie, Raymond N. A Critical Biography of English Novelist Viola Meynell, 1885-1956. Edwin Mellen.
61, 65
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Hunt
VH met Ford Madox Hueffer , later Ford Madox Ford, at a London dinner party held by John Galsworthy .
Belford, Barbara. Violet. Simon and Schuster.
Family and Intimate relationships Cecily Mackworth
CM later wrote that the search for love was interwoven with many events of her life; she felt her judgement was poor in matters of the heart, and connected this with the loss of her...
Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
Writer, critic, and caricaturist Sir Max Beerbohm was IT 's half-uncle, the youngest son from Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree's father's second marriage. Best remembered for his drawings and caricatures of the famous, Beerbohm also wrote...
Friends, Associates Frances Bellerby
She attended seriously to becoming a writer, and with this in view attended the inaugural meeting of the Young PEN Club on 4 October 1928, where she was introduced to John Galsworthy .
Gittings, Robert, and Frances Bellerby. “Introduction”. Selected Poems, edited by Anne Stevenson and Anne Stevenson, Enitharmon Press.
Friends, Associates Gladys Henrietta Schütze
On her first attendance at PEN , taken there by an American friend, Sarah MacConnell , she met Catharine Amy Dawson Scott (whom she took to at once), Galsworthy (whose work she much admired), Roma Wilson
Friends, Associates Constance Garnett
Their friends included several notable writers: D. H. Lawrence , Joseph Conrad , and John Galsworthy .
Humanities Research Center, University of Texas. The Garnetts: A Literary Family. University of Texas.
Friends, Associates Mary Gawthorpe
Friends, Associates Evelyn Sharp
She became a close friend of Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson , of Hertha Ayrton , physicist and suffragist, and of Ayrton's daughter, Barbara Gould . These two women, mother and daughter, embodied a thread linking...
Intertextuality and Influence Kate O'Brien
Lorna Reynolds and Eavan Boland liken this novel to the work of John Galsworthy , as it is the saga of several generations of an Irish family building a business and growing in wealth.
Boland, Eavan, and Kate O’Brien. “Introduction”. The Last of Summer, Virago, p. v - xv.
Intertextuality and Influence Gladys Henrietta Schütze
As a child GHSimagined that a person, particularly a lady, would have to be something very unusual to produce real books.
Schütze, Gladys Henrietta. More Ha’pence Than Kicks. Jarrolds.
She was reassured by the ordinary appearance of Effie Adelaide Rowlands (pen-name...
Leisure and Society Ann Bridge
AB says that after emerging into what she calls, with reference to John Galsworthy , the almost Forsyte-ian stodginess of rich upper-middle-class London, she gradually broke away on my own account into more entertaining circles...
Literary responses Arnold Bennett
Margaret Drabble began work on her biography of AB (published in 1974) in a partisan spirit, because she felt Bennett was seriously undervalued. She was, she wrote, surprised to find she enjoyed and respected...
Literary responses Vita Sackville-West
VSW received personal congratulations on her stories from Sir Edmund Gosse and John Galsworthy . Among reviewers the only unfavourable voice was that of Rebecca West . S. P. B. Mais in the Daily Express...


February 1891: Theatre producer and critic J. T. Grein founded...

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February 1891

Theatre producer and critic J. T. Grein founded the Independent Theatre Society in London to promote literary rather than commercial plays, and the new drama in particular.

1914: My Husband Still: A Working Woman's Story,...

Women writers item


My Husband Still: A Working Woman's Story, a novel from Helen Hamilton that is based on an actual woman's account of her marriage, appeared with an introduction by John Galsworthy .

3 August 1916: In the aftermath of the Easter Rising, Irish...

National or international item

3 August 1916

In the aftermath of the Easter Rising, Irish nationalist Roger Casement , formerly Sir Roger, was executed for treason at Pentonville Prison in London for attempting to smuggle a shipment of German arms to Ireland.

January 1921: The Englishwoman, a monthly forum for serious...

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January 1921

The Englishwoman, a monthly forum for serious feminist discussion, ceased publication in London.

5 October 1921: The P.E.N. Club (later PEN International),...

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5 October 1921

The P.E.N. Club (later PEN International ), a world association of authors, was founded in London by writers C. A. Dawson Scott and Violet Hunt .

June 1925: The Independent Labour Party founded an Arts...

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June 1925

The Independent Labour Party founded an Arts Guild to promote socialist drama and performance.

4 October 1928: The Young PEN Club, designed for beginning...

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4 October 1928

The Young PEN Club , designed for beginning writers, held its inaugural meeting, chaired by John Galsworthy ; also present were E. M. Forster and the young Frances Parker (soon to be Bellerby) .


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