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Anthologization P. L. Travers
In 1914 Virago included this story together with the later Ah Wong and Johnny Delaney in Aunt Sass: Christmas Stories.
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Anthologization Margery Lawrence
ML 's ghost stories have been frequently anthologised. They appear in, for instance, Fifty Strangest Stories Ever Told (1937), The Virago Book of Ghost Stories: The Twentieth Century (1987), and Vampire Stories (1993).
Clute, John, and John Grant, editors. The Encyclopedia of Fantasy. St Martin’s Press, 1997.
under Lawrence, Margery
Anthologization Naomi Alderman
NA 's story Car appeared (along with stories by fifteen others including Kate Clanchy and Daphne Du Maurier ) in Something Was There, edited by Kate Pullinger , a ghost-story anthology published by Virago .
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death Nina Hamnett
She had some afterlife in memoirs of her contemporaries, such as Jack Lindsay 's Fanfrolico and After, 1962.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
The Parkin Gallery planned an exhibition of her work in 1981 and advertised for catalogue...
Education Kate O'Brien
KOB entered University College, Dublin , on a county council scholarship to read French and English (though some relations favoured a safe job instead).
Most reference works, oddly, have 1915. The prelims of the Virago
Employer Angela Carter
She was also one of the first authors Virago recruited to its editorial board.
Turner, Jenny. “A New Kind of Being”. London Review of Books, No. 21, pp. 7 - 14.
Family and Intimate relationships Betty Miller
Sarah wrote the introduction when one of her mother's books was posthumously reprinted by Virago .
Family and Intimate relationships Ray Strachey
According to RS 's daughter Barbara, introducing the Virago edition of The Cause, it was the condescending arrogance of an American cousin which made her, at an early age, a feminist (an incident which...
Intertextuality and Influence Angela Carter
She embarked on this book at the suggestion (in 1972) of Carmen Callil , who wanted it for Virago Press before the press was up and running. It became one of their opening titles. AC
Literary responses Christina Stead
Initial New York reviewers were unenthusiastic, calling this book thin-blooded or disappointing.
Rowley, Hazel. Christina Stead: A Biography. Secker and Warburg, 1995.
On its Virago re-appearance in 1981, the word was radiant. Anne Duchêne placed it at the opposite pole from Stead's recent...
Literary responses Angela Thirkell
Trooper to the Southern Cross is said to be the only work by AT that her novelist son Colin MacInnes would admit to liking, and to be among the favourite reading of Barry Humphries ...
Literary responses Dorothy Whipple
DW was an unacknowledged favourite of Ivy Compton-Burnett and evidently of Elizabeth Taylor too, since Taylor borrowed for her novel Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont from the opening of a story among Whipple's papers, which...
Literary responses Ali Smith
For Anna Vaux of the Times Literary Supplement, the book's claim to represent a century of women's writing was bold to begin with, compounded by the way the work is tied to a single...
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
One of the first to review this novel was Rosamond Lehmann ; some of her commendatory phrases are still in use in promotional material from Virago .
Beauman, Nicola. The Other Elizabeth Taylor. Persephone Books, 2009.
Today Sarah Waters (who published Tipping the...
Literary responses Flora Macdonald Mayor
Rediscovery of FMM was fostered by Sybil Oldfield , who in 1984 published an extensive account of Mayor's life and works (which she narrated in parallel with those of Mayor's contemporary Mary Sheepshanks ). During...


21 June 1973
Virago Press held its first board meeting (of directors Carmen Callil , Rosie Boycott , and Marsha Rowe ). The press was established in London with financial support from Quartet Books .
By Autumn 1975
Carmen Callil 's new Virago Press issued its first title, Mary Chamberlain 's Fenwomen: A Portrait of Women in an English Village, an indictment of rural poverty as it bears on women.
May 1978
Virago Press issued its first Virago Modern Classics, a historically important series most though not all of which were novels.
May 1978
Virago Press issued its first Virago Modern Classics, a historically important series most though not all of which were novels.
25 November 1982
Diana Scott issued Bread and Roses: An Anthology of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Poetry by Women Writers.
By mid-October 1983
Ursula Owen , editor of Virago Press , published with them an anthology of essays: Fathers: Reflections by Daughters.
January 1984
Virago Press released Aileen La Tourette 's fictional exploration of bisexuality, Nuns and Mothers.
December 1984
The feminist publisher Virago Press , under its editor Carmen Callil , launched its own bookshop in Covent Garden, London; the opening was performed by Rosamond Lehmann .
Aileen La Tourette published through Virago Press the post-apocalypticnovelCry Wolf (whose title has also been used by others).
January 1996
Virago Press resumed operations as an imprint of another larger company, Little Brown . Its board took the decision to sell in 1995, two years after its twentieth birthday.
11 September 2000
Mende Nazer (having survived being kidnapped in a raid on her Sudanese village birthplace when she was about twelve, and about eight years labour as a domestic slave) celebrated this day of her escape as...
8 May 2008
Virago Press marked thirty years of Virago Modern Classics by re-issuing works by Barbara Pym , E. M. Delafield , Elizabeth Taylor , Jacqueline Susann , Muriel Spark , Helene Hanff , Zora Neale Hurston , and Angela Carter .