Gladys Henrietta Schütze

Standard Name: Schütze, Gladys Henrietta
Birth Name: Gladys Henrietta Raphael
Married Name: Gladys Mendl
Married Name: Gladys Schütze
Used Form: Gladys Henrietta Schutze
Pseudonym: Henrietta Leslie
Beginning a few years before the First World War (in which she was a pacifist), GHS published about thirty novels, mostly as Henrietta Leslie. Her typical writing is naturalistic fiction with a strong sense of social and political issues, but one or two of her works are experimental in symbolic style. She wrote a number of plays which never reached print; worked as a journalist, and published three travel books. Her autobiography appeared during the Second World War.


Connections Sort descending Author name Excerpt
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Margaret Sackville
The friendship between the widowed James Ramsay MacDonald , Labour politician, and LMS began in 1912 and proved important and long-lasting. She was said to have declined a proposal of marriage from him. The writer...
Friends, Associates Constance Smedley
Their London associates included writers and artists like (besides Margaret Morris herself) Vernon Lee , Gladys Henrietta Schütze or Henrietta Leslie (a next-door neighbour in Chelsea, and with her husband one of the only non-theatrical...
Reception E. M. Delafield
It was reported, however, by Gladys Henrietta Schütze (Henrietta Leslie) that the clever little comedyTo See Ourselves did not go down well in Sofia, Bulgaria, where it was taken on tour...
Reception Edith Mary Moore
In 1938, EMM 's name appeared in an early number of Kriticky Mesicnik, a Czech literary periodical edited by Václav Černý (reprinted in 1972 and 1992), in a list of British writers including Rosamond Lehmann
Residence John Oliver Hobbes
JOH lived the rest of her life with her parents, although she occasionally took rooms on her own, and also travelled frequently. Primarily living and working in the family town house at 56 Lancaster Gate...


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