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Literary responses Edith Lyttelton
The play received mixed responses. The most enthusiastic review came from J. T. Grein , founder of the Independent Theatre Society , in the Westminster Gazette: The miracle of miracles! Here we have upon...
Performance of text Michael Field
MF 's four-act prose tragedy A Question of Memory was performed in London by the Independent Theatre Society .
Sturgeon, Mary. Michael Field. G. G. Harrap.
Field, Michael, and William Rothenstein. Works and Days. Editors Moore, Thomas Sturge and D. C. Sturge Moore, J. Murray.
Reception Michael Field
George Meredith thought the play would act well but added this criticism: I do not find in your dramatic prose the complete ring that there is in the sound and volume of your blank verse...


February 1891: Theatre producer and critic J. T. Grein founded...

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February 1891

Theatre producer and critic J. T. Grein founded the Independent Theatre Society in London to promote literary rather than commercial plays, and the new drama in particular.


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