Ann Bridge

Standard Name: Bridge, Ann
Birth Name: Mary Dolling Sanders
Self-constructed Name: Mary Anne
Nickname: Cottie
Married Name: Mary Dolling O'Malley
Indexed Name: Mary Anne O'Malley
Titled: Mary Dolling, Lady O'Malley
Pseudonym: Ann Bridge
AB was a twentieth-century novelist who began by exploiting the milieu of the British Foreign Office community in Peking in China, where she lived for two years with her diplomat husband. Her novels combine courtship plots with vividly-realised settings and demure social satire. She went on to write novels which take as the background of their protagonists' emotional lives a serious investigation of modern historical developments (such as the leap by which Turkey progressed from a feudal-style government to become a modern republic in which women enjoyed equality of rights and equality of opportunity). AB also wrote thrillers centred on a female amateur detective, travel books, and family memoirs.


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Friends, Associates Marie Belloc Lowndes
She continued to enjoy socialising. She was entertained by Ann Bridge in Portugal and by Violet Trefusis in Somerset.
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. Diaries and Letters of Marie Belloc Lowndes, 1911-1947. Editor Marques, Susan Lowndes, Chatto and Windus.
268, 273
Occupation Ann Jellicoe
Those for whom she provided an early opportunity included Mary O'Malley ,
This dramatist should not be confused with the novelist whose married name was Mary Anne O'Malley, but who wrote as Ann Bridge ...
Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
As Franco 's victory became imminent in the Spanish Civil War, creating a flow of Republican refugees in appalling conditions, ER chartered a ship to run the blockade and bring off as many as...
Textual Features Antonia Fraser
The Dictionary of Literary Biography calls Jemima Shore a new kind of woman detective.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Her independence, intelligence, and literary sensibility are nothing new, but her rejection of marriage and her cheerful sexual promiscuity are...


21 July 1904: The Trans-Siberian railway of over four thousand...

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21 July 1904

The Trans-Siberian railway of over four thousand miles was completed after thirteen years of work.

7 December 1941: Japan launched an air attack on the US Pacific...

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7 December 1941

Japan launched an air attack on the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor: warships at anchor and planes parked wing to wing on the ground.

13 April 1943: Berlin Radio reported that German soldiers...

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13 April 1943

Berlin Radio reported that German soldiers had found 4,500 executed Polish officers buried at Katyn near Smolensk.


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