Flora Macdonald Mayor

Standard Name: Mayor, Flora Macdonald
Used Form: F. M. Mayor
Pseudonym: Mary Strafford
FMM tried her hand at drama and short fiction but is chiefly remembered for her four novels, published between 1901 and 1929. Hailed as an incisive, perceptive reporter of contemporary women's lives during her lifetime, rediscovered during the 1980s, she has now slipped somewhat out of sight again.


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Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Later, however, Bloomsbury was attacked as an arrogant, self-regarding, immoral, upper-class clique. D. H. Lawrence said Keynes and his friends were black beetles, and in Women in Love he attacked the group's aesthetic in...
Textual Production Susan Hill
SH edited a selection of Thomas Hardy for Penguin in 1979: The Distracted Preacher and Other Tales; it includes her introduction and notes. She has written new introductions for two novels by F. M. Mayor


1924: Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth...

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Leonard and Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press published The Rector's Daughter, a novel by F. M. (or Flora Macdonald) Mayor .


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