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Employer Storm Jameson
SJ worked as a publishing representative for Alfred A. Knopf in London.
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Employer Storm Jameson
SJ was co-manager of Alfred A. Knopf 's London branch with Guy Patterson Chapman (who became her husband on 1 February 1926).
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Family and Intimate relationships Storm Jameson
Though the reunion of Jameson and her son was not permanent, they moved to Weybridge at some point in 1924. She began work on her fifth novel, as her Knopf salary did not cover their...
Friends, Associates Muriel Spark
She acquired friends in New York, in several distinct circles, many of whom she came later to regard as self-seeking hangers-on. Having changed her US publisher to Knopf , she became friend of Alfred and...
Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
Jameson met Romer Wilson , Charles Morgan , and J. W. N. Sullivan through her Knopf connections. By about 1924 she and Edith Sitwell had visited each other's homes. Jameson felt that in spite of...
Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
She was once charged by Knopf with the task of attempting to persuade Wyndham Lewis to keep them as his American publisher, which she did on a cold, rainy day as vile as his temper...
Intertextuality and Influence Dorothy Richardson
DR 's effect on other writers has been estimated as very strong. Those she influenced include May Sinclair (whose novel Mary Olivier was also serialised in the Little Review), Romer Wilson , and C. A. Dawson-Scott
Literary responses Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
Reception was mixed: some critics awarded high praise, but the American publisher Alfred Knopf wrote to Heinemann : the novel is most decidedly not my kind of book . . . . Mrs Dawson Scott...
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
Like ET 's first book, this was praised by distinguished but not unanimous voices: Elizabeth Bowen found an exciting distinction about every page, and Rosamond Lehmann noted the stripped, piercing feminine wit and called ET
Material Conditions of Writing Alice Munro
This collection had an unusually complex and tortuous history. At one point AM intended it to contain two groups of stories, those centred on the main character, Rose, and others involving another woman named Janet...
Publishing André Gide
A four-volume edition of Gide's influential diaries, The Journals of André Gide, translated into English by Justin O'Brien , was published by Knopf in New York.
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Publishing Katherine Mansfield
Scholar Claire Tomalin suspects that this refusal had to do with KM 's unacknowledged debt to Chekhov in The Child-Who-Was-Tired.
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Mansfield was, however, feeling discouraged about all her work. In February, with The Garden...
Publishing Katherine Mansfield
Most of the stories dated from several years before, and had been published in periodicals. An edition from Knopf , New York, followed in January 1921.
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Publishing Patricia Highsmith
This novel was initially rejected by Knopf .
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Publishing Katherine Mansfield
She finished the title story on 14 October 1921, chose it as the title of the collection, and shortly afterwards planned a structure of alternating stories with New Zealand and London settings. The American edition...


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