Blanche Knopf

Standard Name: Knopf, Blanche


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Dedications Storm Jameson
SJ published her novel Three Kingdoms, dedicated to Blanche Knopf . It has clearly autobiographical overtones.
Birkett, Jennifer. Margaret Storm Jameson: A Life. Oxford University Press.
Staley, Thomas F., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 36. Gale Research.
36: 70
Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
In Ohio they met novelist Louis Bromfield , who was also hosting Blanche and Alfred Knopf . While in Dallas Jameson lunched at the Dallas News building and was seated opposite Dorothy Parker , as...
Friends, Associates Muriel Spark
She acquired friends in New York, in several distinct circles, many of whom she came later to regard as self-seeking hangers-on. Having changed her US publisher to Knopf , she became friend of Alfred and...
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
Like ET 's first book, this was praised by distinguished but not unanimous voices: Elizabeth Bowen found an exciting distinction about every page, and Rosamond Lehmann noted the stripped, piercing feminine wit and called ET
Occupation Storm Jameson
She was introduced to Alfred and Blanche Knopf by her publisher and friend Michael Sadleir .
Jameson, Storm. Journey from the North. Harper and Row.
In her autobiography she comments, I wrote to every well-known author under the age of fifty. I had...
Publishing Elizabeth Taylor
Blanche Knopf asked for fairly radical revisions in this novel: that it should concentrate more completely on the two very young lovers. ET replied, in terms of the utmost humility, that she could not revise...


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