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Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
In Ohio they met novelist Louis Bromfield , who was also hosting Blanche and Alfred Knopf . While in Dallas Jameson lunched at the Dallas News building and was seated opposite Dorothy Parker , as...
Friends, Associates F. Tennyson Jesse
Later, when FTJ was married to Harold Harwood and living at Cut Mill, her visitors included Geoffrey Faber , Alfred Knopf , and Somerset Maugham .
Colenbrander, Joanna. A Portrait of Fryn. A. Deutsch.
Friends, Associates Muriel Spark
She acquired friends in New York, in several distinct circles, many of whom she came later to regard as self-seeking hangers-on. Having changed her US publisher to Knopf , she became friend of Alfred and...
Literary responses Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
Reception was mixed: some critics awarded high praise, but the American publisher Alfred Knopf wrote to Heinemann : the novel is most decidedly not my kind of book . . . . Mrs Dawson Scott...
Literary responses Angela Thirkell
AT was blamed by many people for what seemed a sneering portrait of working-class evacuee children.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
The New Statesman expressed the hope that, come the revolution, the tweeded dummies of this pygmy Barsetshire will be...
Material Conditions of Writing Dorothy Richardson
During the summer of 1919, DR made various appeals to Curtis Brown and Alfred Knopf for money to live on, as she earned virtually nothing from the American editions of her previous books. She was...
Occupation Storm Jameson
She was introduced to Alfred and Blanche Knopf by her publisher and friend Michael Sadleir .
Jameson, Storm. Journey from the North. Harper and Row.
In her autobiography she comments, I wrote to every well-known author under the age of fifty. I had...
politics Angela Thirkell
The antisemitism regretfully identified in one of AT 's novels by her US publisher, Alfred Knopf , seems in an odd way all of a piece with her curious reaction to the German attack on...
Publishing Sylvia Beach
Rather than being a historical opus about life in the heyday of Paris, this is an engaging mixture filled with sketchy and witty recollections. When William Bradley and Alfred Knopf approached SB more than...
Publishing Dorothy Richardson
Margaret Anderson , co-publisher with Jane Heap of the Little Review, asked to serialise DR 's forthcoming novel (Interim) because she saw Richardson as an experimental writer worthy of publication. Richardson was...
Reception Dorothy Richardson
DR read and, generally, appreciated the work of these authors. She knew of Joyce at least by June 1919, when her own Interim began to be seralized in the Little Review (against the advice of...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
She had worked for Knopf since 1923 and was friendly with both Blanche and Alfred Knopf .
Feinstein, Elaine, and Storm Jameson. “Introduction”. None Turn Back, Virago, p. i - vii.


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