Margaret Crosland

Standard Name: Crosland, Margaret


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death Colette
She was given a state funeral on 11 August, the first Frenchwoman to be accorded this honour. A somewhat inaccurate obituary in the Times drew responses from both Violet Trefusis and Margaret Crosland . Trefusis...
Family and Intimate relationships Constance Holme
He was thirteen years older than she was. He too had succeeded his father in his position, and his employer was Lord Henry Bentinck , brother of Lady Ottoline Morrell . The marriage was childless...
Literary responses Margiad Evans
A writer to The Times after ME 's death said that in all her novels the atmosphere, the emotion, is more important than the story, and that essentially all her work was poetry.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(19 March 1958): 13
Literary responses Constance Holme
Margaret Crosland observes that such strange and apparently disparate elements do not sound attractive, but that the unhurried air of CH 's narratives manages to make the oddest events seem unsurprising and meaningful, local and...
Literary responses Penelope Mortimer
This plot, while anything but in tune with contemporary feminist demands for the sexual liberation of women, struck a chord with readers who felt the maternal role to be devalued in modern life by feminists...
Literary responses Penelope Mortimer
US reviews were enthusiastic, though in Britain Auberon Waugh decried the book as ego-maniac drivel.
Lord, Graham. John Mortimer, The Devil’s Advocate. The Unauthorised Biography. Orion.
For PM , it was the most important achievement of [her] career.
Mortimer, Penelope. About Time Too: 1940-1978. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Critic Margaret Crosland writes, the...
Literary responses Jennifer Dawson
A more recent reviewer, twenty years after publication, oddly described the novel as pleasantly cool and quirky in feeling,
Craig, Patricia. “In brief”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 4282, p. 479.
and at around the same date Margaret Crosland wrote of its immaturity in comparison with...
Publishing Constance Holme
Late in life CH wrote, it is not easy for a woman to be the simple and natural devotée of an art as a man can. I have had to be house wife, agent's...
Publishing Germaine de Staël
The autobiographical Dix années d'exil was published as Ten Years in Exile in 1821. A reprint of 1968, with an introduction by Margaret Crosland , was warmly reviewed in The Observer.
Winegarten, Renee. Mme de Staël. Berg.
Lonchamp, Frédéric-Charles. L’Œuvre Imprimé de Madame Germaine de Staël. Suisse.
77, 96
Wynne-Tyson, Jon. Finding the Words: A Publishing Life. Michael Russell.
Publishing Simone de Beauvoir
This translation remained standard for a long time: later re-issues include one from Vintage in 1989 with an introduction by Deirdre Bair , and one from David Campbell in 1993 with an introduction by Margaret Crosland
Publishing Colette
Not till this year was Colette 's novel La Retraite Sentimentale (1907) translated into English (as Retreat from Love in a version by Margaret Crosland ).
Norell, Donna M. Colette: An Annotated Primary and Secondary Bibliography. Garland.
143, 141
Reception Constance Holme
This novel won CH the Femina-Vie Heureuse award. Regarding the novel, Margaret Crosland points out that Holme is as reticent as Mary Webb is lyrical, that she eschews yokel colour, that her Cumbrian characters...
Textual Features Margiad Evans
Margaret Crosland called this work non-factual.
Crosland, Margaret. Beyond the Lighthouse. Constable.
In fact it includes much close observation of the natural world and of intellectual, psychological, and emotional states, but is seldom anchored to specific events or dates...


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Crosland, Margaret. Beyond the Lighthouse. Constable, 1981.