Edmund Burke

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Education Maria Callcott
MC later remembered this, like her former school, as anti-intellectual. She was warned against too much study. I used to hear that it was a pity I was not a boy . . . but...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Leadbeater
ML 's grandfather Abraham Shakleton was a writer, and founded and taught at Ballitore School ; his pupils included his son (who later carried on the school) and Edmund Burke . He died on 24...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Eleanor Butler
They were outraged, and at once sought legal advice from Edmund Burke (who had experienced image problems of a not dissimilar kind).
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Michael Joseph, 1971.
Brideoake, Fiona. “Keep Yourself in Your Own Persons, Where You Are: The Ladies of Llangollen and Queer Self-Fashioning”. 42nd ASECS Annual Meeting.
This episode was remarkable partly because such hostility was unusual. But not...
Family and Intimate relationships Laura Ormiston Chant
In 1888, at the first meeting of the International Council of Women , LOC identified herself as a grandniece of Edmund Burke , but it is possible that she was speaking figuratively rather than literally.
Donohue, Joseph. Fantasies of Empire: The Empire Theatre of Varieties and the Licensing Controversy of 1894. University of Iowa Press, 2005.
23, 25
“Horbury Chapel, Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill Gate, Kensington”. AIM25. London Metropolitan Archives.
Family and Intimate relationships Selina Davenport
He was in his early twenties, just embarking on a literary career which began with writing poetry (melancholy in tone) and editing and criticising the poetry of others. He enjoyed the patronage of Edmund Burke
Friends, Associates Lady Anne Barnard
Lady Anne lived much of her life in fashionable society, and her acquaintance was very wide. In Edinburgh in her early twenties she impressed and delighted Samuel Johnson with an impromptu and complimentary bon mot...
Friends, Associates Mary Leadbeater
While in England ML visited Edmund Burke at Beaconsfield. He had attended school and university with her father and had been taught by her grandfather; he made his final visit to Ballitore in 1786...
Friends, Associates Mary Robinson
Robinson found good friends among the male cultural and social leaders with whom she remained free to mix. Her daughter particularly mentions, as well as Sheridan , Sir Joshua Reynolds , Edmund Burke , and...
Friends, Associates Oliver Goldsmith
Goldsmith met and became a friend and associate of Edmund Burke , Samuel Johnson , Sir Joshua Reynolds , and others belonging to the Club, of which he was a founder member. He was a...
Friends, Associates Hannah More
Here she began to gather the circle of friends which by the end of her long life had touched every cranny of English society. She had already met Edmund Burke in Bristol the previous September...
Friends, Associates Samuel Johnson
Johnson had a talent for friendship which he kept well exercised: the names mentioned here represent only a selection of his friendships. His early London friends, whom he met during a comparatively poorly documented period...
Friends, Associates Hester Lynch Piozzi
Other Streatham habitueés were Sir Joshua Reynolds , Arthur Murphy , Edmund Burke , Oliver Goldsmith , Charles Burney , and David Garrick .
Clifford, James L. Hester Lynch Piozzi (Mrs Thrale). Clarendon Press, 1987.
Later came the young Frances Burney , who became a...
Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
During her childhood, ECK associated with a variety of celebrated people through her family connections. Her mother was a close friend of painter and writer Frances Reynolds (sister to the more famous painter Sir Joshua Reynolds
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Reynolds
With some apology, FR uses a visual aid, a diagram, to show the relation between Nature, Beauty, Truth, Sublimity, and so on.
Reynolds, Frances. An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Taste. 1785.
Outside the immediate realm of art she passes on some received ideas...
Intertextuality and Influence Hannah Brand
This heroic tragedy (full title Huniades; or, The Siege of Belgrade) is given with passages restored that were omitted in performance. It is set in 1456 (three years after Constantinople, capital of the Christian...


A Penal Law enacted in England barred Roman Catholic estates in Ireland from descending by primogeniture to the eldest son; unless that eldest converted to Protestantism, the estate was to be shared equally among all...
April 1757
Six weeks after his marriage, Edmund Burke published A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful.
April 1758
Edmund Burke agreed to compile and edit a new periodical, the Annual Register.
29 April 1771
Edmund Burke spoke in parliament in support of a bill to prevent divorced parties from marrying again.
Spring 1772-Spring 1773
The passage through parliament of the Toleration Bill gave opportunities to Edmund Burke to argue for religious toleration—in the belief that this would actually strengthen the Church of England .
From October 1774
The famous Bristol election campaign was fought on the issue of taxing the American colonies, with Edmund Burke standing against the tax.
9 February 1775
Edmund Burke wrote that he supported full civil protection, including freedom of publick religious worship, and a power of teaching in schools . . . to Jews Mahometans and even Pagans.
De Bruyn, Frans. “Anti-Semitism, Millenarianism, and Radical Dissent in Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France”. Eighteenth-Century Studies, No. 4, pp. 577 -00.
13 February 1788-April 1795
Warren Hastings was impeached for corruption and profiteering in India. His trial continued intermittently in London, occupying 145 days. It was keenly attended by a fashionable audiences and garnered much media attention.
16 December 1789
The Society for Constitutional Information (a potentially radical political organization) held its semi-annual meeting at the London Tavern, to commemorate the centenary of the Bill of Rights.
2 March 1790
Charles James Fox proposed in the House of Commons the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts (instruments of discrimination against Dissenters ). Next day his motion was voted down (its third rejection in four years).
1 November 1790
Edmund Burke published his Reflections on the Revolution in France and on the Proceedings in certain Societies in London relative to that event.
Late 1790
William Holland published a print of Burke running the gauntlet of enemies with whips: women as well as men.
1 February 1791
Thomas Paine published Rights of Man, written in answer to Burke 's Reflections on the Revolution in France.
11 May 1792
Edmund Burke in his Speech on the Petition of the Unitarians argued that Unitarians, who denied the doctrine of the Trinity, could not claim toleration like Catholics , Presbyterian s, Quakers , and others.
14 June 1792
The title of radical novelist Robert Bage 's anonymous Man As He Is, published this day, suggests the unpalatable truths revealed by reformers or satirists; it influenced later titles chosen by William Godwin and others.