Charles Burney

Standard Name: Burney, Charles,, the elder
Used Form: Doctor Burney


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Dedications Frances Burney
FB published her last novel, The Wanderer; or, Female Difficulties, with a lengthy dedication to her father .
Doody, Margaret Anne. Frances Burney: The Life in the Works. Cambridge University Press.
Employer Frances Burney
Before becoming an author herself, FB worked as amanuensis or copyist to her father , regularly transcribing his work to go to the printer.
Hemlow, Joyce. The History of Fanny Burney. Clarendon.
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Burney
FB 's father, the musicologist and music teacher Charles Burney , was a man of great charm and ability who rose to eminence by his own efforts. He numbered among his friends members of the...
Family and Intimate relationships Charlotte Smith
In August 1793 Augusta married Alexandre de Foville, a French émigré, in spite of difficulties caused by the difference of religion and lack of parental consent, without which the groom was not entitled to marry...
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Harriet Burney
SHB 's mother, formerly Elizabeth Allen , a widow with three children when she married Charles Burney , was disliked and resented not only by her step-children but apparently by her own children as well...
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Harriet Burney
Much has been written on Charles Burney 's relations with his children. He was an intensely caring, controlling, and emotionally demanding father. His children loved him, but with ambivalence. His furtherance of Frances Burney's career...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Meeke
In 1767 Eliza Allen married again. Her second husband was the widowed, rising musician Charles Burney .
Macdonald, Simon. “Identifying Mrs Meeke: Another Burney Family Novelist”. Review of English Studies, Oxford University Press.
Friends, Associates Hester Lynch Piozzi
Other Streatham habitueés were Sir Joshua Reynolds , Arthur Murphy , Edmund Burke , Oliver Goldsmith , Charles Burney , and David Garrick .
Clifford, James L. Hester Lynch Piozzi (Mrs Thrale). Clarendon Press.
Later came the young Frances Burney , who became a...
Friends, Associates Samuel Johnson
Johnson had a talent for friendship which he kept well exercised: the names mentioned here represent only a selection of his friendships. His early London friends, whom he met during a comparatively poorly documented period...
Friends, Associates Vernon Lee
Cornelia corresponded regularly with Violet for four years (until her death), encouraging the latter's interests in European, especially Italian, literature and music, as well as the development of Violet's own work. Cornelia gave Violet a...
Friends, Associates Frances Brooke
As a result of her friendship with the musicologist Charles Burney (1726-1814), FB became a friend of his daughter Frances as well.
McMullen, Lorraine. An Odd Attempt in a Woman: The Literary Life of Frances Brooke. University of British Columbia Press.
Frances Burney liked Brooke, but was worried at her close friendship with...
Friends, Associates Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
She was a well-known figure in London cultural circles, particularly that of the Bluestockings. Charles Burney called her at-home evenings blue conversazioni's and Horace Walpole called them quite Mazarine-blue. Others specifically mentioned in...
Friends, Associates Hannah More
Here she began to gather the circle of friends which by the end of her long life had touched every cranny of English society. She had already met Edmund Burke in Bristol the previous September...
Literary responses Sarah Harriet Burney
Charles Burney , too, slighted his youngest daughter's work in comparison with the elder's.
Burney, Sarah Harriet. “Editor’s Introduction”. The Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney, edited by Lorna J. Clark, Georgia University Press.
Jane Austen later noted that Clarentine seemed good on the first reading, not so good on the second, and unnatural...
Occupation Sarah Harriet Burney
SHB was again devoting herself to the care of her elderly father , who had had a stroke and was living as an invalid.
Burney, Sarah Harriet. “Editor’s Introduction”. The Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney, edited by Lorna J. Clark, Georgia University Press.


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