David Garrick

Standard Name: Garrick, David


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Dedications Elizabeth Griffith
The Dublin edition followed two years later. She dedicated the work to David Garrick .
Education Mary Lamb
ML was sometimes taken to the theatre as a child, which she loved. The first play she ever saw was Congreve 's tragedy The Mourning Bride, with a Harlequin pantomime to follow. She once...
Family and Intimate relationships Mariana Starke
Her mother, born Mary Hughes , was the daughter of a London merchant, whose letters show her to have been a competent, amusing woman, interested in literature and the world.
Crawford, Elizabeth. “Posts tagged Mariana Starke”. Woman and her Sphere.
When she was ill the...
Family and Intimate relationships Sophia Lee
SL 's father, John Lee , was a quarrelsome and impecunious actor. The year of her birth he acted at Richmond and Covent Garden , with an interim desertion to Drury Lane , where, however...
Family and Intimate relationships Emily Frederick Clark
EFC 's grandfather, who committed public suicide by shooting himself in the west porch of Westminster Abbey on 1 February 1797, when he was a little past seventy, was Colonel Frederick or Frederic (called by...
Family and Intimate relationships Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
The senior Wilmots' circle of friends included people still remembered, like Hannah More , David Garrick , Sir Joshua Reynolds , and Lady Charlotte Finch .
Barbarina Charlotte, Lady Grey,. A Family Chronicle. Lyster, GertrudeEditor , John Murray, 1908.
Valentine Wilmot had a taste for recklessness with...
Friends, Associates Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
The Duchess of Devonshire knew virtually everyone in London society. Set apart was the Devonshire House Circle: a clique of wealthy and fashionable Whigs with rakish or bohemian leanings, who even spoke in their...
Friends, Associates Samuel Johnson
Johnson had a talent for friendship which he kept well exercised: the names mentioned here represent only a selection of his friendships. His early London friends, whom he met during a comparatively poorly documented period...
Friends, Associates Frances Burney
FB made friends in the older generation as well as her own. The whole Burney family loved and were loved by David Garrick . Sir Joshua Reynolds , who lived barely fifty yards away from...
Friends, Associates Hannah More
The More family benefited from the patronage of several local, well-placed gentry: of Norborne Berkeley, later Baron Bottetourt , and his nephew's wife, and of the Rev. James Stonhouse (or Stonehouse) , a baronet. Stonhouse...
Friends, Associates Dorothea Celesia
DC 's birth family had accustomed her to moving in literary, political, and theatrical circles, and her friends included Mary Lady Hervey , David Hume , David Garrick , and Edward Gibbon . Her father...
Friends, Associates Hannah More
Here she began to gather the circle of friends which by the end of her long life had touched every cranny of English society. She had already met Edmund Burke in Bristol the previous September...
Friends, Associates Dorothea Celesia
Gibbon visited DC again in May and June 1764 in Genoa (where he was staying after finding Venice impossibly expensive). Again she received him with a friendliness beyond mere politeness and introduced him to some...
Friends, Associates Ann Fisher
As an eighteenth-century publisher AF was in a small way one of the new breed of literary patrons. She and her husband helped the minor pastoral poet John Cunningham (1729–1773) by publishing him both in...
Friends, Associates Mary Latter
An unnamed correspondent whom Latter mentions in her first-published volume (an unmarried woman or girl) was a friend of Lady Echlin (in turn the friend of and commentator on Samuel Richardson ).
Latter, Mary. The Miscellaneous Works, in Prose and Verse. C. Pocock, 1759.
Late in...


12 January 1675
William Wycherley 's comedyThe Country Wife probably had its first performance.
About March 1681
Nahum Tate 's re-written version of Shakespeare 's tragedyKing Lear was staged in London; it was printed the same year.
By May 1697
Sir John Vanbrugh 's comedyThe Provok'd Wife had its first performance.
John Williams 's Method to Learn to Design the Passions, translated from a manual by French painter Charles Le Brun , appeared; it proved highly influential.
David Garrick finally barred non-paying servants from the gallery of Drury Lane Theatre in London.
14 October 1769
Garrick 's afterpieceThe Jubilee opened at Drury Lane , where it enjoyed the record run of the century: ninety performances in one season.
14 October 1769
Garrick 's afterpieceThe Jubilee opened at Drury Lane , where it enjoyed the record run of the century: ninety performances in one season.
20 June 1787
Actor John Palmer briefly opened the first new London theatre since 1732: the Royalty in Well Street.
24 April 1889
The Garrick Theatre opened in Charing Cross Road, London.