Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck

Standard Name: Schimmelpenninck, Mary Anne
Birth Name: Mary Anne Galton
Married Name: Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck
Married Name: M. A. Schimmelpenninck
Pseudonym: One of its [the Moravian Brethren's] Members
MAS , who issued her first publication in 1813, has period interest as an aesthetic theorist and a religious writer, an apologist for the French Jansenist movement connected with Port Royal , and later for the Moravians . Each of these groups of believers offered an example of religious leadership by women. She also has enduring interest as an autobiographer.


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Friends, Associates Mary Matilda Betham
As well as meeting at Llangollen with Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby (who later talked with high praise of her),
Betham, Ernest, editor. A House of Letters. Jarrold and Sons.
69, 70
MMB acquired a wide acquaintance in London. She became a close friend...
Friends, Associates Margaret Holford
Foremost among the friends whom she evidently made through her writing was Joanna Baillie , with whom she opened a correspondence in 1813 which began with reciprocal compliments, and whose books she energetically publicised. Years...
Friends, Associates Eliza Lynn Linton
Eliza Lynn met a number of women authors who were once applauded but later complacently forgotten . . . . as literary fossils.
Linton, Eliza Lynn, and Beatrice Harraden. My Literary Life. Hodder and Stoughton.
She contended that Women who wrote were then few and far...
Friends, Associates Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS judged Anna Seward to be greedy for flattery, especially from the opposite sex. In 1799 she met Hannah More , who was then at the height of her fame and to whom admittance was...
Literary responses Anna Letitia Barbauld
Literary admirers of the hymns included Hannah More , Anna Seward , and Elizabeth Carter , who found some passages amazingly sublime.
McCarthy, William. Anna Letitia Barbauld, Voice of the Enlightenment. The Johns Hopkins University Press.
The innumerable children who loved and later remembered them included Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck
Literary responses Mrs F. C. Patrick
The Critical Review ascribed more than common merit to this novel (saying it had achieved an extraordinary coup in not giving disgust by the impossibility of its incidents), and that some passages were deeply...
Publishing Marianne Chambers
Her title-page presents the subscription as a matter of charity by mentioning the death of her father, It also quotes Pope 's self-deprecating apology for writing: I left no calling for this idle trade.
Chambers, Marianne. He Deceives Himself. Dilly.
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
The full title is Castle Rackrent, An Hibernian Tale: taken from the Facts, and from the Manners of the Irish Squires, before the year 1782. Part of it was probably in draft by 1793-5...
Textual Features Elizabeth Isabella Spence
Spence's title-page bears a quotation from James Cririe , a little-known Scots poet whom Burns had praised (and whom she cites several times later in her text). Perhaps for the sake of her original audience...
Textual Features Jane West
JW uses heroic couplets for formal poems like To the Island of Sicily (on the retreat of the king and queen of the Two Sicilies before the French Army of Italy, commanded by Napoleon ...
Textual Features Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Among the contents and specifically mentioned on the title-page is a translated essay entitled Thoughts on Death which comes from the Moral Essays of the Messieurs du Port Royal—that is, from the Jansenist movement...
Textual Production Priscilla Wakefield
PW argued in her introduction that everything hitherto published on the subject of botany was too expensive, as well as too diffuse and scientific for young people, so that there was a place for a...


December 1779: By the Act for Further Relief of Protestant...

Building item

December 1779

By the Act for Further Relief of Protestant Dissenting Ministers, the Countess of Huntingdon 's chapels were registered as Dissenting meeting houses.


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