James Fenimore Cooper

Standard Name: Cooper, James Fenimore


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Education Ann Bridge
As a small child she stood out among the family for her quite exceptional naughtiness, which in later years she put down to surplus energy and dramatic ideas.
Bridge, Ann. A Family of Two Worlds. Macmillan.
When she began regular lessons, and...
Education Mary Agnes Hamilton
On holidays her father taught his children to shoot with arrows and to play on pipes which they had made themselves, to light fires, and boys and girls alike, how to row, to swim, to...
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Fuller
Her father, Timothy Fuller , was also a teacher, then a lawyer and politician. A graduate of Harvard University , he served in both the Massachusetts senate and house of representatives, and he became a...
Friends, Associates Frances Trollope
While in Paris, they were invited to spend time at the country estate La Grange, owned by General Lafayette , who had fought during the French Revolution.
Heineman, Helen. Mrs. Trollope: The Triumphant Feminine in the Nineteenth Century. Ohio University Press.
FT reportedly made an excellent...
Friends, Associates Joanna Baillie
Other friends included the Hon. Judith Milbanke (whose daughter became Lady Byron ), Lady Byron herself (whom Baillie strongly supported during the long-drawn-out unpleasantness of her marriage), Henry Reeve , William Sotheby , William Harness
Friends, Associates Mary Somerville
The Parisian scientific community warmly welcomed MS on the basis of her translation of Laplace's Méchanique Céleste. As well as renewing contact with many of the scientific figures she had encountered on her previous...
Friends, Associates Amelia Opie
In 1813 she again met de Staël (who was visiting London) and introduced her to Elizabeth Inchbald . Others she met after her husband's death included Richard Brinsley Sheridan , Byron , and Sir Walter Scott
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Harriet Burney
Lorna J. Clark, editor of SHB 's letters, notes the abundant portrayal in her novels of dysfunctional families.
Burney, Sarah Harriet. “Editor’s Introduction”. The Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney, edited by Lorna J. Clark, Georgia University Press.
This Burney was a discerning reader of recent and contemporary fiction, admiring Maria Edgeworth and James Fenimore Cooper
Intertextuality and Influence Felicia Hemans
The volume takes its epigraphs and historical starting-points from a wide range of sources, including major male Romantics—Wordsworth , Byron , Coleridge , Goethe , Schiller —and lesser-known contemporaries including women—Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
Intertextuality and Influence Amelia Opie
Response was tepid in England. The Literary Gazette called this book by one of its long-time favourites a milk-and-water work, poised between Quakerism and satire on the fashionable world, and more successful as morality than...
Literary responses Catharine Maria Sedgwick
CMS received considerable critical and popular acclaim during her lifetime: Nathaniel Hawthorne described her as our most truthful novelist,
Foster, Edward Halsey. Catharine Maria Sedgwick. Twayne.
and her literary admirers also included James Fenimore Cooper and Edgar Allan Poe . Her...
Literary responses Eliza Dunlop
Again the Sydney Herald reacted with fury. In April 1842 it accused ED of deliberately misleading her readers as to the character of the Aboriginals, whom it said she seemed to know no better than...
Literary responses Catharine Maria Sedgwick
The volume was approvingly reviewed by James Fenimore Cooper (who was later taken to court by CMS 's brother in a financial dispute).
Damon-Bach, Lucinda L., and Victoria Clements, editors. “Editorial Materials”. Catharine Maria Sedgwick: Critical Perspectives, Northeastern University Press, p. various pages.
Reception Catharine Maria Sedgwick
A measure of her success as a writer is the fact that in 1834 CMS was one of only two women (the other was Martha Washington ) chosen for inclusion in the National Portrait Gallery...
Textual Features D. H. Lawrence
Here Lawrence discusses such authors as Fenimore Cooper , Nathaniel Hawthorne , Herman Melville , and Edgar Allan Poe .


15 September 1789: James Fenimore Cooper, novelist, was born...

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15 September 1789

James Fenimore Cooper , novelist, was born at Burlington, New Jersey, USA.

1 February 1823: James Fenimore Cooper published The Pioneers,...

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1 February 1823

James Fenimore Cooper published The Pioneers, the first of his series known as Leather-Stocking Tales.

6 February 1826: James Fenimore Cooper published The Last...

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6 February 1826

James Fenimore Cooper published The Last of the Mohicans, the second of his Leather-Stocking Tales series, about the slow demise of a Native American Tribe.

27 August 1841: US author James Fenimore Cooper's The Deerslayer,...

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27 August 1841

US author James Fenimore Cooper 's The Deerslayer, the last of the Leather-Stocking Tales, appeared in print.

14 September 1851: James Fenimore Cooper, US novelist, died...

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14 September 1851

James Fenimore Cooper , US novelist, died the day before his sixty-second birthday.


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