Eliza Dunlop

Standard Name: Dunlop, Eliza
Used Form: Eliza Matilda Harding Hamilton
Used Form: Eliza LAW
Used Form: Eliza Hamilton Dunlop
Indexed Name: Eliza Hamilton Dunlop
Pseudonym: E.
Pseudonym: E. H. D.
ED was a poet publishing in magazines (and in a cousin's novel) in the 1830s. Her first publications were uncontrovsial, but not long after emigrating to Australia in 1838 she printed in The Australian a dramatic monologue, The Aboriginal Mother, which gives voice to a black victim of murderous white brutality. This publication was a political act, and enrolled Dunlop, together with the new Governor of New South Wales and her own husband, among those seeking to curb the outrages of settler extremism. She followed it up with further poems, and translations or transliterations of Aboriginal songs.


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13 December 1838: The Australian printed the best-known poem...

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13 December 1838

The Australian printed the best-known poem by the Irish-born Australian poet Eliza Dunlop : The Aboriginal Mother, whose subject was suggested by the terrible massacre at Myall Creek that same year.


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