William Sotheby

Standard Name: Sotheby, William


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Friends, Associates Joanna Baillie
Other friends included the Hon. Judith Milbanke (whose daughter became Lady Byron ), Lady Byron herself (whom Baillie strongly supported during the long-drawn-out unpleasantness of her marriage), Henry Reeve , William Sotheby , William Harness
Friends, Associates Catherine Fanshawe
CF 's friends included other highly literate middle-class women such as Mary Berry and Anne Grant in Edinburgh. (Her friendship with Grant was maintained entirely by correspondence—she and her sisters hoped to visit Edinburgh in...
Friends, Associates Margaret Holford
Holford seems to have cared about making influential friends, and succeeded in doing so although she lived in the provinces. She established a correspondence with Sir Walter Scott , and although their relationship got off...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Smith
Among undated poems Bowdler prints another imitation of Ossian and a translation from the German of Friedrich von Matthisson .
Smith, Elizabeth. Fragments, in Prose and Verse. Editor Bowdler, Henrietta Maria, Richard Cruttwell.
119-125, 128
In 1803 ES translated a poem by Gessner in response to William Sotheby
Literary responses Margaret Holford
Mary Russell Mitford called this novel an attempt to portray the poet Byron , recognisable through several anecdotes familiarly told about him, in very black and exaggerated colors. She maintained that Joanna Baillie , as...
Material Conditions of Writing Catherine Fanshawe
Late at night after a party given by poet and classicist William Sotheby , CF composed a verse trilingual harangue entitled Liberty, written as if spoken by the Italian poet Ugo Foscolo .
Fanshawe, Catherine. Memorials of Miss Catherine Maria Fanshawe. Editor Harness, William, Privately printed by Vacher and Sons.
Textual Production Catherine Fanshawe
These were probably the final publications of her lifetime, though this is not particularly significant for someone who did not publish voluntarily. Each was reprinted separately in pamphlet form. Two copies in the world are...
Textual Production Elizabeth Smith
On 9 November 1804 Smith had explained what Klopstock materials she had on hand in Coniston, some of them supplied by William Sotheby . Other materials were supplied to her by the great German...


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