Herman Melville

Standard Name: Melville, Herman
Birth Name: Herman Melvill


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Education Matilda Betham-Edwards
Because of her mother's early death, MBE , she said later, was largely self-educated, her teachers being plenty of the best books.
Black, Helen C. Notable Women Authors of the Day. D. Bryce.
Apart from the family library, a half-guinea annual subscription to the Ipswich Mechanics' Institution
Intertextuality and Influence Angela Carter
In mid-career AC said she had worked mainly with women as her publishers' editors. Shared gender makes a difference in this relationship, she wrote, even if the reader has zero feminist consciousness.
Carter, Angela. “Notes from the Front Line”. On Gender and Writing, edited by Michelene Wandor, Pandora Press, pp. 69-77.
Her two...
Intertextuality and Influence Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
In Through the Magic DoorSACD wrote of those authors whom he felt to have been his most important influences, including Froissart , Boswell , Walter Scott , Thomas Babington Macaulay , Carlyle , Melville
Performance of text E. M. Forster
Billy Budd, Benjamin Britten 's opera based on Herman Melville 's novel, with libretto by EMF and Eric Crozier , opened at the Royal Opera House , Covent Garden, London.
Drabble, Margaret, and Jenny Stringer, editors. The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature. Oxford University Press.
Kirkpatrick, Brownlee Jean. A Bibliography of E. M. Forster. Clarendon.
Textual Features D. H. Lawrence
Here Lawrence discusses such authors as Fenimore Cooper , Nathaniel Hawthorne , Herman Melville , and Edgar Allan Poe .


26 February 1846: Herman Melville published his first book,...

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26 February 1846

Herman Melville published his first book, Typee; or, A Peep at Polynesian Life.

18 October 1851: Herman Melville published Moby Dick in England...

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18 October 1851

Herman Melville published Moby Dick in England under the title The Whale.

18 December 1853: Putnam's Magazine carried the second part...

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18 December 1853

Putnam's Magazine carried the second part of its two-part, anonymous serialization of the novellaBartleby, the Scrivener. A Story of Wall Street by Herman Melville .

May 1856: Herman Melville published his collection...

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May 1856

Herman Melville published his collection of short storiesThe Piazza Tales.

1 April 1857: Herman Melville's last novel, The Confidence-Man:...

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1 April 1857

Herman Melville 's last novel, The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade, appeared.

1924: Billy Budd, Foretopman, a novella written...

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Billy Budd, Foretopman, a novella written by Herman Melville in 1891, was published posthumously in a volume entitled Billy Budd, and Other Prose Pieces.


Melville, Herman. “Foreword”. The Confidence-Man, edited by Hershel Parker, Norton, 1971, p. ix - xi.