William Harness

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Friends, Associates Joanna Baillie
Other friends included the Hon. Judith Milbanke (whose daughter became Lady Byron ), Lady Byron herself (whom Baillie strongly supported during the long-drawn-out unpleasantness of her marriage), Henry Reeve , William Sotheby , William Harness
Friends, Associates Mary Russell Mitford
Another group of MRM 's friends were literary and also theatrical men: Barry Cornwall , Allan Cunningham , the Rev. Alexander Dyce , and William Macready .
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Besides Sir William Elford (who had been a...
Literary responses Joanna Baillie
When Baillie re-read her own Witchcraft as a work in progress she wrote: I am inclined to think well of it. Renfrew witches upon a polite stage! Will such a thing ever be endorsed!
Witchcraft by Joanna Baillie. Finborough Theatre.
Literary responses Catherine Fanshawe
CF 's editor, William Harness , felt this evinc[ed] more real poetic skill and feeling than any other precocious effort which [he] [had] ever happened to meet with—but he perhaps underestimated CF 's age...
Literary responses Margaret Holford
During the late 1830s, when Holford was planning to reprint Margaret of Anjou, Baillie showed it to her friend William Harness , who, she said, felt so vividly the beauty of your Poem that...
Literary responses Mary Howitt
Mary Russell Mitford confided to Elizabeth Barrett , who had been charmed by The Neighbours, that she thought the translations' lack of popularity a sign of the poor taste of English novel-readers. Ah! dearest...
Publishing Catherine Fanshawe
The Memorials of Miss Catherine Maria Fanshawe was privately printed: poems and prose preceded nine drawings or paintings photographically reproduced; it was edited by William Harness , the owner.
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Fanshawe, Catherine. Memorials of Miss Catherine Maria Fanshawe. Editor Harness, William, Privately printed by Vacher and Sons.
Textual Production Mary Russell Mitford
She had asked permission four months earlier to dedicate what she called this little trumpery volume to the Rev. William Harness .
Mitford, Mary Russell. The Life of Mary Russell Mitford: Told by Herself in Letters To Her Friends. Editor L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, Harper and Brothers.
2: 191
Textual Production Mary Russell Mitford
L'Estrange worked with one of her executors, William Harness ; their publication was delayed by her servants' claim to have been left her copyrights. Kerrenhappuck (the maid whom MRM had dismissed and taken back) and...
Textual Production Mary Russell Mitford
The editor of this second selection of Mitford's letters was Henry Chorley . Her Correspondence with Charles Boner and John Ruskin followed in 1914. R. Brimley Johnson published another selection of her letters in 1925...
Wealth and Poverty Mary Russell Mitford
The prime movers of this achievement were Henry F. Chorley (who later edited her letters) and the Rev. William Harness ; the name of Queen Victoria headed the list of subscribers.
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