Marie-Josef, marquis de Lafayette

Standard Name: Lafayette, Marie-Josef,,, marquis de
Used Form: General Lafayette


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Cultural formation Sojourner Truth
She had discussed God with her grandmother as a child, but grew up caring only for the physical world, until she was seriously mistreated and began the search for God which led her to run...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Wright
FW suffered a further bereavement (following the deaths of her sister and baby daughter) when her friend and mentor Lafayette died in Paris.
While no record is available of how FW felt about Lafayette
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Wright
During her first Autumn in Paris, she met the marquis de Lafayette . This meeting was for her the realization of a youthful dream, and each was touched with the other's passion for human liberty...
Friends, Associates Mary Somerville
The Parisian scientific community warmly welcomed MS on the basis of her translation of Laplace's Méchanique Céleste. As well as renewing contact with many of the scientific figures she had encountered on her previous...
Friends, Associates Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
On her first visit to Paris, she met Germaine de Staël , and formed lasting friendships with the marquise de Villette (Voltaire 's adopted daughter) and with Elizabeth Patterson (an American heiress, the abandoned...
Friends, Associates Amelia Opie
In 1813 she again met de Staël (who was visiting London) and introduced her to Elizabeth Inchbald . Others she met after her husband's death included Richard Brinsley Sheridan , Byron , and Sir Walter Scott
Friends, Associates Frances Trollope
While in Paris, they were invited to spend time at the country estate La Grange, owned by General Lafayette , who had fought during the French Revolution.
Heineman, Helen. Mrs. Trollope: The Triumphant Feminine in the Nineteenth Century. Ohio University Press.
FT reportedly made an excellent...
Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
On her return to Paris after Robespierre's death, HMW and Stone lived in a house (where she held her salon) on the Quai Malaquais. After peace was announced between England and France in 1801...
Leisure and Society Frances Trollope
After she procured letters of introduction from General Lafayette , FT found herself invited to better homes, though her own accounts attest that relationships forged with many Americans were often uneasy.
Heineman, Helen. Mrs. Trollope: The Triumphant Feminine in the Nineteenth Century. Ohio University Press.
politics Amelia Opie
AO 's admiration for military heroes also extended to Kosciusko and later to the Duke of Wellington and General Lafayette . In other respects, however, she fully shared the anti-war stance of her fellow Quakers.
Mahon, Penny. “In Sermon and Story: contrasting anti-war rhetoric in the work of Anna Barbauld and Amelia Opie”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 23-38.
politics Germaine de Staël
Habitués of her salon included Lafayette , Condorcet , Narbonne , Talleyrand , and Thomas Jefferson .
Kobak, Annette. “Mme de Staël and Fanny Burney”. The Burney Journal, Vol.
, pp. 12-35.
In the following months she conspired with others to attempt the escape from revolutionary hands of aristocratic...
politics Eglinton Wallace
In the revolutionary turmoil unfolding in Paris, EW was arrested in the middle of the night under a warrant issued by Lafayette .
She says she reached England safely on 1 October; the ODNB...
Residence Frances Trollope
Heineman cites a recently discovered letter in which FT writes of her expectations: I expect to be very happy, and very free from care at Nashoba —and this will more than repay me for being...
Textual Features Lucille Iremonger
She vividly evokes her own childhood and its context (though she does not give her parents' names), then tangentially describes in great detail the imprisonment, condemning, and guillotining of three Noailles ladies during the French...
Textual Production Anne Bannerman
AB may be the author of a poem published anonymously by Mundell in 1800, Epistle from the Marquis de LaFayette to General Washington.
Kushigian, Nancy, and Stephen C. Behrendt, editors. Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period.


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