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Cultural formation Sarah Orne Jewett
SOJ was attracted to the ritual of the Anglican service, and was confirmed as an Episcopalian, although when in South Berwick her family attended the Congregationalist church. However, the most profound religious influence on her...
death Elizabeth Bishop
The following day she was due to read her poems at Harvard . Most of her expected audience knew of her death, and in a packed hall full of sorrow, a collection of her friends...
Education Jo Shapcott
JS continued studying at several universities and in several countries for some years after this. At St Hilda's College, Oxford , she took another degree two years later, specialising in American literature. She attended Harvard University
Education Judith Sargent Murray
JSM 's early education, typical for her class and time, consisted of being taught to read, write, sew, and study her Congregational religion. Except for three months at writing school, all this took place at...
Education Margaret Atwood
From 1957 she attended Victoria College , University of Toronto . Canadian publishing and the arts in Canada, broadly considered, had not yet recovered from the second world war. There were no cheap reprints of...
Education T. S. Eliot
TSE submitted his doctoral dissertation on the philosophy of F. H. Bradley for Harvard University .
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Education T. S. Eliot
After the private boys' school Smith Academy in St Louis (founded by his grandfather) TSE went on in fall 1906 to Harvard (where the President was his cousin). He took his BA in literature and...
Education Mercy Otis Warren
Mercy was never sent away to school, though she acquired such scholarly knowledge that she helped tutor James (who was older than she) for entrance to Harvard .
Employer Zadie Smith
As an undergraduate ZS already hoped one day to make her living through the noble art of literature. Though she felt compelled to disguise her ambition with a joke, it came true with remarkable speed...
Employer Seamus Heaney
From 1982 SH held an academic position at Harvard , where he taught for just one semester of the year. Two years into this arrangement Harvard appointed him Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory. From...
Employer Elizabeth Bishop
After a six-month appointment at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1966, EB went on to teach on and off for years at Harvard and briefly at New York University .
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Employer T. S. Eliot
TSE took leave of absence from his job with Faber and Faber to accept an invitation from Harvard University to hold the Charles Eliot Norton professorship at Harvard for the academic year 1932-33.
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Family and Intimate relationships Radagunda Roberts
RR owned a miniature of Dr John Hawkesworth , and china which he had given her. She carefully preserved letters he had written to her (one of which survives at Harvard ) and papers connected...
Family and Intimate relationships Lydia Maria Child
Her brother Convers Francis, six years older, influenced her education through his love of books. He later became a clergyman and held a professorship of theology at Harvard College .
Whittier, John Greenleaf, and Lydia Maria Child. “Introduction”. Letters of Lydia Maria Child, Arno Press and The New York Times, p. v - xxv.
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Atwood
MA was married in Boston to James Polk , whom she met while she was a graduate student at Harvard . They separated in summer 1972.
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28 October 1636: Harvard College was founded in Cambridge,...

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28 October 1636

Harvard College was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1643: Ann Radcliffe (no relation of the later novelist)...

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Ann Radcliffe (no relation of the later novelist) founded the first scholarship at Harvard College in Newtown in Massachusetts, New England (which had begun as a seminary in 1636).

1847: The Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University...

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The Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University refused to admit Harriot Hunt .

November 1850: Harriot Hunt was formally accepted into the...

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November 1850

Harriot Hunt was formally accepted into the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1894: The Harvard Annex (a women's section attached...

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The Harvard Annex (a women's section attached to a male seat of learning, Harvard ) received its charter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as Radcliffe College , an institution for women.

1926-1927: A Harvard University African expedition led...

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A Harvard University African expedition led by Dr Richard P. Strong studied tropical diseases in the Belgian Congo and conducted a medical survey of Liberia.

4 February 2004: Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin launched...

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4 February 2004

Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin launched a social-media site called The Facebook for students at Harvard University . It was originally released as FaceMash , a website to determine the attractiveness of female students.
Horton, Alex. “Channeling ‘The Social Network,’ lawmaker grills Zuckerberg on his notorious beginnings”. The Washington Post.

By 26 April 2006: A novel issued in March in the USA, How Opal...

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By 26 April 2006

A novel issued in March in the USA, How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life, was withdrawn after the author, Kaavya Viswanathan , admitted unconscious plagiarism from Megan McCafferty .

11 February 2007: Drew Gilpin Faust, historian of the Civil...

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11 February 2007

Drew Gilpin Faust , historian of the Civil War and the American South, and dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study , was appointed the first female president of Harvard University .


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