William Cowper

Standard Name: Cowper, William
Indexed Name: Cowper, William,, 1731 - 1800


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Dedications Charlotte Smith
It carried a dedication, dated 10 May, to Cowper , who had read and revised a draft.
Fletcher, Loraine. Charlotte Smith: A Critical Biography. Macmillan.
Education Sarah Josepha Hale
Sarah Josepha Buell (later SJH ) was taught at home by her mother, with her father and her brother Horatio (then a law student) joining in for such higher branches of learning as writing, Latin...
Education Emma Marshall
At a very early age Emma Martin could recite See'st thou my home is where yon woods are waving by Felicia Hemans .
Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley.
After leaving school she continued to study music with Dr Zacariah or Zechariah Buck
Education Jean Ingelow
JI was educated at home by her mother and an unmarried aunt . She was occasionally instructed by the masters employed to teach the boys of the family. Her mother's curriculum centred on religion but...
Education Anna Swanwick
At home her mother had read to her daughters, while they sewed, Greek and Roman history, and writers like Pope , and Cowper . At four Anna could recite long passages from Milton 's L'Allegro...
Education Jean Rhys
At a very young age, JR imagined that God was a book. She was so slow to read that her parents were concerned, but then suddenly found herself able to read even the longer words...
Education Georgiana Fullerton
She could read by four-and-a-half, and recalls an early admiration for hymns by Anna Letitia Barbauld and Maria Edgeworth . Julius Cæsar, the first Shakespearean play that she saw, left a lasting impression. Later...
Education Maria Theresa Longworth
MTL was educated in France at an Ursuline convent school.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
She later undertook further study in Italy. She consequently became familiar with both French and Italian.
Rosenman, Ellen Bayuk. Unauthorized Pleasures. Cornell University Press.
Erickson, Arvel B., and John R. McCarthy. “The Yelverton Case: Civil Legislation and Marriage”. Victorian Studies, Vol.
, pp. 275-91.
From her writings it is clear...
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Cowper Madan
JCM 's nephew William Cowper the poet, with whom she corresponded, took an interest in her work and was probably the channel through which her poems reached the anthologists Colman and Thornton .
Lavoie, Chantel Michelle. Collecting Women: Poetry and Lives, 1700-1780. Bucknell University Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Cowper Madan
The Cowper family, many of whose male members distinguished themselves in the law and in politics, used a confusing amount of repetition in naming their children in successive generations. Almost a majority of JCM 's...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Smith
On a month-long visit to William Hayley , CS met the poet Cowper , his friend Mary Unwin , and the painter George Romney .
Hilbish, Florence. Charlotte Smith, Poet and Novelist. University of Pennsylvania Press.
Friends, Associates Mary Scott
MS was probably a friend from an early age of the dissenting hymn-writer Anne Steele , who lived not very far away and who was a generation older. They spent much time together in 1773...
Intertextuality and Influence Christian Gray
CG says of Bessy Bell and Mary Gray that she was instructed by the lowliest of the muses to sing of ladies.
Gray, Christian. Tales, Letters, and other Pieces in Verse. Printed for the author by Oliver and Boyd.
Her subjects range from the fairly intimately personal to the boldly public (on...
Intertextuality and Influence Dora Greenwell
She opens the essay with a sharp and witty caricature of others' representations of unmarried women: they have, it is true, gained much both socially and æsthetically in passing from the traditionary type—the withered prude...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Ann Cavendish Bradshaw
There follows a fighting critical Dissertation Respecting Patrons and Dedications, which covers the issues of male disrespect for female authors, the tyranny of critics, and over-insistence on moral instruction (with Hannah More 's Coelebs...


1779: William Cowper and John Newton published...

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William Cowper and John Newton published Olney Hymns.

By August 1785: William Cowper published The Task, his meditative-didactic...

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By August 1785

William Cowper published The Task, his meditative-didactic poem in six books. Writing it was a task set before him by his friend Lady Austen .

By September 1791: William Cowper published, with Joseph Johnson,...

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By September 1791

William Cowper published, with Joseph Johnson , his blank-versetranslations of Homer 's Iliad and Odyssey: a version designed to supersede Pope 's translation in heroic couplets.

Between May 1803 and 1804: William Cowper's Life and Posthumous Writings...

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Between May 1803 and 1804

William Cowper 's Life and Posthumous Writings were published in three volumes.

June-July 1919: People first flew in large numbers, not as...

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June-July 1919

People first flew in large numbers, not as continent-bound travellers but as joy-riders.

1969: Helen Foley published The Bright Designs,...

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Helen Foley published The Bright Designs, a novel (whose title appears to be drawn from William Cowper 's popular hymn God Moves in a Mysterious Way).


Cowper, William. The Correspondence of William Cowper. Editor Wright, Thomas, Haskell House, 1969.