George Romney

Standard Name: Romney, George


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Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
There she began to frequent Elizabeth Montagu 's bluestocking circle. She was introduced in cultural circles by Andrew Kippis , minister of the church her family attended, and soon knew William Hayley , Sarah Siddons
Friends, Associates Charlotte Smith
On a month-long visit to William Hayley , CS met the poet Cowper , his friend Mary Unwin , and the painter George Romney .
Hilbish, Florence. Charlotte Smith, Poet and Novelist. University of Pennsylvania Press.
Leisure and Society Melesina Trench
MT 's great beauty was captured in portraits by George Romney and Sir Thomas Lawrence . She was listed among the Celebrated Beauties of the Last Century in a book of that title by Frances A. Gerard
Leisure and Society Elizabeth, Margravine of Anspach
In 1778 Elizabeth Craven had her portrait painted by George Romney , apparently for Horace Walpole , who two years later wrote that he had hung it in his favourite blue room. Romney painted...
Leisure and Society Mary Robinson
As a beautiful actress MR was frequently painted by artists, who included Richard Cosway , Thomas Gainsborough , Angelica Kauffmann , Thomas Lawrence , Joshua Reynolds , and George Romney . As the prince's mistress...
Leisure and Society Anna Seward
AS was several times painted by George Romney . One portrait, in fashionable garb, belonged to her father. Another was treasured by William Hayley , then vanished from sight. A century later it was found...
Material Conditions of Writing Charlotte Smith
She wrote The Old Manor House while staying with a congenial group of friends (including Cowper , William Hayley , and George Romney ). The latter reported, in awed tones, that she would write a...
Publishing Mary Tighe
MT 's portrait by Romney was reproduced as frontispiece.
Weller, Earle Vonard, and Mary Tighe. “Introduction / Memoir of Mary Tighe”. Keats and Mary Tighe, Kraus Reprint Corporation, p. vii - xxi.
The profits went to a House of Refuge for Unprotected Female Servants in Dublin—the favourite charity of MT 's mother. The work reached a...
Publishing Julia Frankau
The title-page bears JF 's name and mentions her three previous art books. The frontispiece is one of Romney 's portraits of Lady Hamilton. Fifteen more coloured plates and twenty-three in monochrome adorn the text...
Publishing Charlotte Smith
This has her preface replying to hostile criticism of her for querulous egotism,
Raycroft, Brent. “From Charlotte Smith to Nehemiah Higginbottom: Revising the Genealogy of the Early Romantic Sonnet”. European Romantic Review, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 363-92.
and for renewing her criticisms of the Smith trustees. She also admits, this time, her economic motive. The number of...
Residence Amabel Williams-Ellis
Until a fire destroyed it in December 1951, the Williams-Ellises lived mainly at his family home, Plâs Brondanw in Portmeirion, North Wales, the village which Clough was recreating in the Italianate style. Guests at...
Textual Production George Paston
In 1903 GP published a study of the painter George Romney in the Little Books on Art series.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Augusta Ward
This novel of artistic development adopts the same technique as MAW 's previous novel in choosing a life-story from the past and making it the basis of a fiction with a contemporary or near-contemporary setting...


1770 or 1771: Scottish painter George Romney did a portrait...

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1770 or 1771

Scottish painter George Romney did a portrait of English painter Mary Moser which shows her using the medium of oils, mark of the professional rather than the amateur.

1782: George Romney painted a picture to illustrate...

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George Romney painted a picture to illustrate (after the fact) William Hayley 'a Triumphs of Temper, 1781: Serena, reading Burney 's Evelina. The model was Honora Sneyd .


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