John Milton

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Birth Anne Grant
As a girl she wished for a little sister whom she could teach to enjoy Milton .
Grant, Anne. Memoirs of an American Lady. Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme.
2: 153
Cultural formation Lucy Hutton
She was born into the English professional class: its upper ranks, if the motto on her published title-page is a family one. As befitting her marriage to a clergyman, she was a strong member of...
Cultural formation Ephelia
If this was Ephelia, she grew up in an extremely wealthy, noble family and an incomparably privileged environment, with King James I her honorary grandfather as well as her godfather, and with fine literature produced...
Cultural formation Frances Arabella Rowden
FAR came from the English middle class. She was an Anglican in religion. Mary Russell Mitford represents her as a young teacher taking a relaxed attitude to religious ideas in literary contexts (her students were...
Dedications Hannah Cowley
One early performance drew bigger crowds than Drury Lane, although the rival theatre that night featured Sarah Siddons on stage and the king and queen in the audience. More Ways Than One was published on...
Education L. M. Montgomery
LMM saved enough money to attend Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. for one year, 1895-1896, where her studies included Milton and Carlyle . She wrote for the school newspaper and joined a literary...
Education Frances Ridley Havergal
FRH was an avid reader within limits: her selection of material was mostly dictated by her religious interests. After receiving a copy of a book about literary women she commented, The sad sketch of L. E. L.
Education Jane Johnson
She was without formal education.
Whyman, Susan E. The Pen and the People: English Letter Writers 1660-1800. Oxford University Press.
She told a cousin that her favourite reading had been the Bible ever since she was a girl.
Arizpe, Evelyn et al. Reading Lessons from the Eighteenth Century: Mothers, Children and Texts. Pied Piper Publishing.
Historian Susan E. Whyman argues that it was through epistolary...
Education Rose Tremain
At this stage of her life, Rosie's great interest and talent was not writing but painting, like her sister. She set out to make a huge, hanging, illustrated copy of Keats 's Ode to Autumn...
Education Harriette Wilson
While she was still in her teens, although engaged in her second paid sexual relationship, her lover Frederic Lamb set out to get her reading Milton , Shakespeare , Byron , theRambler, Virgil
Education Toru Dutt
TD and Aru were briefly enrolled at a boarding school in Nice where they studied French.
Rao, Raja, and Toru Dutt. “Aru and Toru”. Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan, Writers Workshop.
After moving to England they continued their studies and attended the Higher Lectures for Women series begun by Henry Sidgwick
Education Pauline Johnson
PJ was educated at home first by her mother , who introduced her to the English Romantics. She was also taught by a governess in her early years. Chiefswood was full of books, and she...
Education Kathleen Raine
KR wrote that she grew up reading the Bible daily and memorising passages from it. Her mother could recite long passages from Milton and other English poets, besides Scottish poems and ballads. She was glad...
Education Matilda Betham-Edwards
Because of her mother's early death, MBE , she said later, was largely self-educated, her teachers being plenty of the best books.
Black, Helen C. Notable Women Authors of the Day. D. Bryce.
Apart from the family library, a half-guinea annual subscription to the Ipswich Mechanics' Institution
Education Anne Carson
Following her passion for classics, AC enrolled in St Michael's College at the University of Toronto in 1968. However, for the first few years of her undergraduate degree she was not contented with her studies...


8 November 1623: Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies,...

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8 November 1623

Shakespeare 's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, collected (with one or two omissions) and posthumously published this year in a handsome large-format edition (the First Folio) were registered with the Stationers' Company .

Christmas Day 1629: John Milton finished his ode On the morning...

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Christmas Day 1629

John Milton finished his odeOn the morning of Christ's Nativity. It was his first religious poem in English.

29 September 1634: Milton's masque later known as Comus was...

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29 September 1634

Milton 's masque later known as Comus was performed at Ludlow Castle with music by Henry Lawes , to mark the installation of Lord Bridgewater as Lord President of Wales.

Late 1638: Milton's pastoral elegy Lycidas appeared...

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Late 1638

Milton 's pastoralelegyLycidas appeared in a volume of Cambridge poems published in memory of Edward King , who had died by drowning.

By 31 May 1641: Milton entered (anonymously) the ideological...

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By 31 May 1641

Milton entered (anonymously) the ideological battle surrounding episcopacy (government of the Church of England by bishops) with the first of his five anti-prelatical pamphlets, Of Reformation touching Church Discipline in England.

1 August 1643: Milton published The Doctrine and Discipline...

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1 August 1643

Milton published The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, a pamphlet arguing that divorce ought to be easier (for a husband).

23 November 1644: John Milton published Areopagitica, which...

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23 November 1644

John Milton published Areopagitica, which has become one of his most famous prose tracts because of its subject-matter: a condemnation of censorship, or (stretching its original position slightly) even a defence of freedom of speech.

2 January 1646: According to collector George Thomason, this...

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2 January 1646

According to collector George Thomason , this was the publication date of Poems of Mr. John Milton , both English and Latin. Compos'd at several times, which was dated 1645. It included the paired...

13 February 1649: Following the king's execution, Milton published...

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13 February 1649

Following the king 's execution, Milton published The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, a pamphlet designed to enforce the general point that a tyrant may be lawfully got rid of.

3 March 1660: Milton published The Readie and Easie Way...

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3 March 1660

Milton published The Readie and Easie Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth, a pamphlet designed to sway public opinion against the restoration either of the monarchy or of rule by any single individual.

October 1667: John Milton published his epic poem Paradise...

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October 1667

John Milton published his epicpoemParadise Lost, which he had begun dictating before the Restoration and entered in the Stationers' Register in August.

May 1671: John Milton published, together, Paradise...

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May 1671

John Milton published, together, Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes: a small-scale religious epic and a blank-verse tragedy.

November 1681: John Dryden published his political satire...

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November 1681

John Dryden published his political satireAbsalom and Achitophel, at Charles II 's personal suggestion, just a week before the first Earl of Shaftesbury 's trial for treason.

By late 1697: John Dryden published by subscription his...

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By late 1697

John Dryden published by subscription his versetranslation of Virgil 's Works; it was the first time a literary work by a living author had been published by this means.

20 May 1707: Jacob Tonson the elder signed the first of...

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20 May 1707

Jacob Tonson the elder signed the first of two copyright agreements giving him sole right in Shakespeare 's plays.


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