Maria Theresa Longworth

Standard Name: Longworth, Maria Theresa
Birth Name: Maria Theresa Longworth
Birth Name: Thérèse
Married Name: Maria Theresa Yelverton
Self-constructed Name: the Honourable Mrs Yelverton
Pseudonym: An English Visitor
Titled: Maria Theresa Yelverton, Viscountess Avonmore
Pseudonym: Kate the Critic
Pseudonym: Another Kate
Novelist and travel writer MTL began her writing career following the findings of the infamous Yelverton Marriage Case, which left her without fortune because of legal expenses, and without a husband because of the final verdict. Writing, therefore, to support herself during the 1860s and 1870s, she produced two novels, a volume of correspondence, several shorter pieces of travel writing, and two lengthy travel narratives. Though her writing career was never particularly successful, it nevertheless afforded her independence and autonomy after her difficult and tumultuous marriage.
Black and white photograph of Maria Theresa Longworth, seated in a high-backed upholstered chair. She is wearing a simple, long, dark dress with a white lace collar, and her dark hair is pulled into a neat bun.
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