John Newton

Standard Name: Newton, John,, 1725 - 1807


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Friends, Associates William Cowper
Notable among Cowper's other friends were the Rev John Newton (a former slave-trader who since his conversion had become a hellfire Evangelical preacher), Lady Austen (who set him the writing task commemorated in the title...
Friends, Associates Eleanor Tatlock
ET felt her original move from Kent to Great Marlow cut her off from her friends. She wrote two poems to Mrs Anna Parnell of Canterbury, and exchanged good wishes with the Rev. John Newton


John Newton captained a slaving ship; he got religion on board his ship, and became a leading founder of Evangelicalism .
There was published An Authentic Narrative of some . . . Particulars in the Life of [John Newton], an autobiography in which the ex-slave-trader Newton expressed penitence for his pre-conversion, sinful life.
William Cowper and John Newton published Olney Hymns.
January 1780
Evangelicalism received a boost when the Rev. John Newton moved from Olney in Buckinghamshire to London at the invitation of businessman John Thornton .
John Wesley , debating how far to take the Methodists in the direction of Evangelicism , talked over the issue by letter with John Newton , ex-slave-captain and leading Evangelical.