Anne Steele

Standard Name: Steele, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Steele
Pseudonym: Theodosia
Pseudonym: A Young Lady
Pseudonym: Silvania
AS 's eighteenth-century poetry, hymns, and meditations, widely admired in their day, have had their distinctive qualities overlooked or obscured by mainstream critics, perhaps partly because of her Particular Baptist faith. Her co-religionists, meanwhile, have continued to value and reprint her work, and this has now led to new scholarly and critical attention.


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Anthologization Mary Scott
Pickering and Chatto includes published and unpublished writings by MS (as well as work by Anne Steele , her niece Mary Steele, later Dunscombe , Elizabeth Heyrick , and Maria Grace Saffery ) in the...
Dedications Mary Scott
MS responded to John Duncombe 's Feminead, published twenty years before, with The Female Advocate, dedicated to her friend the poet and hymn-writer Anne Steele .
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
38 (1774): 218
Friends, Associates Jane Cave
It is possible, though this is speculative, that JC became acquainted while living at Winchester with the hymn-writer Anne Steele (who lived not far away), with Anna Seward and Hannah More (who were friends of...
Friends, Associates Mary Scott
MS was probably a friend from an early age of the dissenting hymn-writer Anne Steele , who lived not very far away and who was a generation older. They spent much time together in 1773...
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Cave
This edition arranges the poems by genre (unlike all her later editions), and includes an errata leaf. It also has a portrait of the author with a pen in her hand poised awkwardly over the...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Scott
Steele , says MS (using her friend's pen-name, Theodosia), had urged her to finish the poem. Within the poem itself she also pays tribute, under the name of Philander, either to Steele's father...
Publishing Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS wrote later, It was a matter of course to me that I was to write, and also a matter of instinct. My head was always busy in inventions, and it was a delight to...
Textual Features Jane Cave
One interesting feature is the inclusion of nine poems by other authors: the canonical Prior , Swift , and Pope , the lesser-known men John Scott , William Broome , and Nathaniel Cotton , and...


6 February 1756: A national fast day was held in Britain,...

National or international item

6 February 1756

A national fast day was held in Britain, to pray for success in the Seven Years War.

11 February 1757: Again a national fast day was held in Britain...

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11 February 1757

Again a national fast day was held in Britain (about a year after an earlier occasion of the same kind), to pray for the success of British forces in the Seven Years War.

January 1781-December 1782: The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties...

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January 1781-December 1782

The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties of British Poetry appeared, published by James Harrison in four half-yearly numbers; it is arguable whether or not it kept the first number's promise of generous selections of work...

After 1 February 1785: M. Peddle (a gifted, little-known, Evangelical...

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After 1 February 1785

M. Peddle (a gifted, little-known, Evangelical woman of Yeovil in Somerset, who later issued a conduct book under the name of Cornelia) published a biblical paraphrase in novelistic style: The Life of Jacob.


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