Bonnell Thornton

Standard Name: Thornton, Bonnell


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Anthologization Elizabeth Carter
She printed this with her father's approval and support; he suggested, as scholar Gwen Hampshire has pointed out, that she should print about three dozen copies. When George Colman and Bonnell Thornton included EC in...
Anthologization Catharine Trotter
Several shorter poems by CT are known today only from their inclusion in George Colman 's and Bonnell Thornton 's anthology Poems by Eminent Ladies in its edition of 1757.
Kelley, Anne. Catharine Trotter: An Early Modern Writer in the Vanguard of Feminism. Ashgate.
This suggests that other...
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Cowper Madan
JCM 's nephew William Cowper the poet, with whom she corresponded, took an interest in her work and was probably the channel through which her poems reached the anthologists Colman and Thornton .
Lavoie, Chantel Michelle. Collecting Women: Poetry and Lives, 1700-1780. Bucknell University Press.
Friends, Associates Susannah Dobson
SD , along with the novelist Charlotte Lennox and Sylvia (Braithwaite) Thornton (the wife from 1768 of Bonnell Thornton ), belonged to a network of devoted friends centred on Lydia, Lady Clerke .
Perry, Ruth et al. “Introduction”. Henrietta, edited by Ruth Perry et al., University Press of Kentucky.
Friends, Associates Mary Jones
MJ corresponded with Charlotte Lennox and with publisher Ralph Griffiths and his wife Isabella . Her friendship was valued by literary men like Samuel Johnson , Joseph Spence , Thomas Warton , and apparently Bonnell Thornton
Publishing Mary Jones
This volume was dedicated to the Princess of Orange : Anne, daughter of George II and the late Queen Caroline . The princess's mother had been a patron of MJ 's friend Martha Lovelace, later...
Reception Mary Masters
MM 's friendship with Johnson laid her open to suspicion that he had revised and polished her poems. But this work was praised in the Gentleman's Magazine.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
25 (1755) 190-1
A selection was reprinted...


16 January-9 April 1752: Under the name of Madame Roxana Termagant,...

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16 January-9 April 1752

Under the name of Madame Roxana Termagant, Bonnell Thornton issued thirteen weekly numbers of a periodical entitled Have at You All; or, The Drury Lane Journal.

31 January 1754-30 September 1756: George Colman and Bonnell Thornton published...

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31 January 1754-30 September 1756

George Colman and Bonnell Thornton published their periodicalThe Connoisseur, under the pen name of Mr Town, critic and censor-general.

By 22 May 1755: George Colman and Bonnell Thornton edited...

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By 22 May 1755

George Colman and Bonnell Thornton edited and published an anthology entitled Poems by Eminent Ladies.

By the end of 1755: Material from Bonnell Thornton's and George...

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By the end of 1755

Material from Bonnell Thornton 's and George Colman 's prestigious anthology, Poems by Eminent Ladies, was recycled for a different market in A Select Collection of the Love Letters of several Eminent Persons, edited by G. Gaylove.

26 November 1761: John Rich, holder of the licence for Covent...

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26 November 1761

John Rich , holder of the licence for Covent Garden Theatre , died; his widow, Priscilla (who had been a performer before her marriage), took nominal control of the theatre.


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