James Ramsay MacDonald

Standard Name: MacDonald, James Ramsay
Used Form: J. Ramsey MacDonald
Used Form: Ramsay MacDonald


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Family and Intimate relationships Lady Margaret Sackville
The friendship between the widowed James Ramsay MacDonald , Labour politician, and LMS began in 1912 and proved important and long-lasting. She was said to have declined a proposal of marriage from him. The writer...
Family and Intimate relationships Evelyn Sharp
They declined Ramsay MacDonald 's offer to be best man, not wanting the publicity. They were now constant companions, having belonged long ago to the same walking club and to the United Suffragists , and...
Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
MAH knew and worked closely with the Labour leader Ramsay MacDonald , though her early intense admiration for him diminished with time. Up to the year after publishing her book on him (which was also...
Friends, Associates Alison Uttley
AU 's friends from university years included GL (Gwladys Llewellyn , later a teacher) and LM (Lily Meagher ), who both remained unmarried. Another was Gertrude Uttley . In London she became a...
Friends, Associates Lady Margaret Sackville
LMS became, according to Mary Agnes Hamilton , one of those [e]verybody who was anybody in the anti-war movement, who gathered around Lady Ottoline Morrell .
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape.
She was an occasional visitor at the Morrells'...
Friends, Associates L. M. Montgomery
Baldwin declared himself a huge fan at festivities in Toronto that included the Prince of Wales and Prince George . A later British prime minister, Ramsay MacDonald , claimed that he had read all of...
Friends, Associates Emma Frances Brooke
EFB 's involvement with the socialist and feminist movements of the day brought her into close contact with several notable activists and revolutionaries. Through the Fabian Society , she interacted with Beatrice and Sidney Webb
Friends, Associates Gladys Henrietta Schütze
During the Schützes' pacifist years it was only gradually that they began to find some support from like-minded people, like Bertrand Russell and Ramsay MacDonald (though GHS felt the latter was a fair-weather pacifist), and...
Friends, Associates Isabella Ormston Ford
Besides the Ford sisters, other members of the UDC included founding member James Ramsay MacDonald , executive committee member Helena Swanwick , and Vernon Lee , who was a good friend of IOF 's sister...
Friends, Associates Evelyn Sharp
She became a close friend of Dr Louisa Garrett Anderson , of Hertha Ayrton , physicist and suffragist, and of Ayrton's daughter, Barbara Gould . These two women, mother and daughter, embodied a thread linking...
Material Conditions of Writing Christina Stead
By chance House of All Nations (which has been called a mammoth study of the world of international finance)
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
appeared in 1931-2, a time of anxiety for bankers because of instability around the world...
Occupation John Buchan
During the decade that began with a by-election in 1927, JB was a Member of Parliament: one of three who sat for a constituency composed of graduates of some of the Scottish universities. (English universities...
politics Mary Agnes Hamilton
She knew most of the leaders of this group, to which she gives several pages in her memoirs. She later came to regard it, however, as a cocoon or cell that kept those inside it...
politics Alison Uttley
By the 1930s AU 's politics had become fervently patriotric: she was a firm supporter of Ramsay MacDonald 's National Coalition Government, elected on 26 August 1931. Over the next few years her dread of...
politics Lady Margaret Sackville
Some detail about the Union of Democratic Control is in order here because her membership of its General Council is at odds with the accepted image of LMS , and suggests that a side of...


27-28 February 1900: The Trades Union Congress Conference met...

National or international item

27-28 February 1900

The Trades Union Congress Conference met at Memorial Hall, Faringdon, Berkshire, to decide on ways of improving labour representation in Parliament.

1904: J. Ramsay MacDonald published Women in the...

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J. Ramsay MacDonald published Women in the Printing Trades: A Sociological Study.

August 1914: The Union of Democratic Control was established...

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August 1914

The Union of Democratic Control was established by J. Ramsay MacDonald , Norman Angell , Charles Trevelyan , and E. D. Morel .

February 1916: Painter C. R. W. Nevinson scored a great...

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February 1916

Painter C. R. W. Nevinson scored a great success with his first one-man show, at the Leicester Galleries in London, of paintings expressive of the dehumanised violence of modern warfare.

After February 1917: Supporters of the Russian Revolution including...

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After February 1917

Supporters of the Russian Revolution including Evelyn Sharp founded the 1917 Club to provide a venue for freely discussing the revolution without fear of attracting attention under the Defence of the Realm Act or Dora.

26 December 1918: US President Woodrow Wilson (who had already...

National or international item

26 December 1918

US President Woodrow Wilson (who had already been in Paris in connection with the peace conference which did not officially convene until 18 January following) was received in London with intense enthusiasm.

22 January 1924: After the Labour Party's victory in the general...

National or international item

22 January 1924

After the Labour Party 's victory in the general election, party leader James Ramsay MacDonald formed a minority government and succeeded to Stanley Baldwin as Prime Minister.

13 October 1924: The BBC broadcast its first election address:...

National or international item

13 October 1924

The BBC broadcast its first election address: Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald speaking at a mass meeting in Glasgow.

4 November 1924: Stanley Baldwin (Conservative) formed the...

National or international item

4 November 1924

Stanley Baldwin (Conservative ) formed the government in the UK for a second time following the general election of 29 October, succeeding to Labour Party leader James Ramsay MacDonald .

6 July 1928: Four days after the Representation of the...

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6 July 1928

Four days after the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act received the royal assent, a celebratory breakfast was held at the Hotel Cecil in London.

30 May 1929: Labour came in twenty-six votes ahead of...

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30 May 1929

Labour came in twenty-six votes ahead of the Conservatives in the first general election with full women's suffrage: the prospect of voting by women under thirty brought the demeaning nickname of the Flapper Election....

5 June 1929: James Ramsay MacDonald, Labour leader, formed...

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5 June 1929

James Ramsay MacDonald , Labour leader, formed a minority government in the UK for the second time, following the first general election with full women's suffrage.

7 June 1929: Margaret Bondfield became the first female...

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7 June 1929

Margaret Bondfield became the first female cabinet minister in Britain, serving as Minister of Labour in Ramsay MacDonald 's Labour government.

Late July 1931: In Britain the confusingly-named May committee...

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Late July 1931

In Britain the confusingly-named May committee responded to escalation both in the international financial crisis and mass unemployment at home, by advising draconian cuts in government expenditure.

26 August 1931: The Labour Party leader James Ramsay MacDonald...

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26 August 1931

The Labour Party leader James Ramsay MacDonald organized a National Coalition government; many members of his party felt this to be a betrayal.


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