Lady Margaret Sackville

Standard Name: Sackville, Lady Margaret
Birth Name: Margaret Sackville
Styled: Lady Margaret Sackville
Pseudonym: The Author of a Hymn to Dionysus
Margaret Sackville was a prolific poet of the earlier twentieth century, whose work spanned a range of poetic genres from dramatic verse to epigrams and fantasy for children. She also wrote fairy-tales, plays, and introductory essays. She was admired during her lifetime and was a presence in Edinburgh art circles. As a young woman, she was active in peace politics, and the spare and angry strength of her war poems has attracted recent critical attention. She published an early anthology of women's poetry in 1910; her introduction to this volume speaks directly of the connection between women's social freedom and the freedom of the imagination.


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Friends, Associates Mary Agnes Hamilton
One of Lee's beliefs, pronounced that evening, was: Patriotism . . . is the power to be ashamed of your country.
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape.
MAH credits Lady Ottoline with holding the pacifist movement together; many meetings took...
Literary responses Flora Thompson
Discovered only a few years before she died, FT was then rediscovered almost before she had been forgotten. Margaret Lane 's article in Cornhill Magazine awakened an interest in her which led to further publication...
Occupation Flora Thompson
Through her supporter Ronald Campbell MacFie she secured the patronage of Lady Margaret Sackville , whose name appeared on the society's letterhead. FT wrote detailed criticisms on every submission, and also circulated each member's work...
politics Vernon Lee
The Union was an internationally-minded, anti-war organisation, which had great impact in the development of British politics. It was created to secure the control over their Foreign Policy by the British People, and for the...
politics Lady Ottoline Morrell
She became an activist for pacifism, a movement in which she played many roles. She joined the Union for Democratic Control , whose meetings were soon being held at her home (and whose members included...
Reception Flora Thompson
This incident gained her a friend and literary mentor in Macfie (who was a mentor and collaborator, as well, of Lady Margaret Sackville , another woman who had only recently become an adult published poet).
Textual Features Iris Tree
In the second section, Smoke, the four-part poem of 1915 entitled Zeppelins treats the subject of suicide. The version of this poem that appeared in the first cycle of Wheels was organised into two...
Textual Production Judith Kazantzis
This remarkable anthology brings to a wider audience poems by many otherwise unknown writers, as well as by, for instance, Vera Brittain , Edith Sitwell , Nancy Cunard , Cicely Hamilton , Rose Macaulay ,...


August 1914: The Union of Democratic Control was established...

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