King Edward VIII

Standard Name: Edward VIII, King
Used Form: Prince of Wales
Used Form: Windsor, Edward,,, Duke of


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Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Brett
Sylvia, Lady Brooke, recalled her father as one to whom nobody who was not somebody meant a thing.
Brooke, Sylvia. Queen of the Head Hunters. William Morrow and Company.
A sample of Orchard Lea's illustrious visitors included Esher's great friendKaiser Wilhelm II and a...
Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
In FinlandRF met the national hero Marshal Mannerheim .
Forbes, Rosita. Gypsy in the Sun. Cassell.
On her first visit to the USA she met Rebecca West , Ruth Draper , Anna Pavlova , and H. G. Wells ; on...
Friends, Associates L. M. Montgomery
Baldwin declared himself a huge fan at festivities in Toronto that included the Prince of Wales and Prince George . A later British prime minister, Ramsay MacDonald , claimed that he had read all of...
Intertextuality and Influence Githa Sowerby
This play's examination of modern sexual mores may have been provoked by a recent Hollywood scandal involving Greta Garbo , or more likely (in Riley's view) by the recent affair of King Edward VIII and...
Occupation Isak Dinesen
While working very hard at the management of her plantation, she also found time for big-game hunting (some Africans called her Lioness Blixen). Additionally, she enjoyed practising medicine among her farm workers, somewhat in...
Performance of text Ngaio Marsh
NM 's mother played the witch, and her grandfather Edward William Seager made a present to her of two theatrical treasures: a book entitled Actors of the [Nineteenth] Century by Frederic White and a shirt...
politics Sylvia Pankhurst
Years later it was rumoured that in 1914 SP had planned to kidnap the Prince of Wales . In 1932 a former Scotland Yard detective was set to publish a book entitled From Information Received...
politics H. D.
Intensely political about issues involving war and pacifism, HD nevertheless limited her interest to particular areas of politics only. A few years before this she had been deeply invested in the British royal family, putting...
Publishing Lady Cynthia Asquith
LCA produced lives of two members of the royal family. The Duchess of York (about the woman later much loved as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) appeared in spring 1928, and God Save the King...
Reception Ann Bridge
The book made immediate friends in high places. A Yugoslav shipowner's wife gave a copy to Princess Marina ,
Born Princess Marina of Greece, she married the Duke of Kent, a younger son of George...
Reception Rosita Forbes
Signatures were gathered for a presentation volume for RF ; early signatories were the Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister . The presentation was made at a reception attended by peers, peeresses, and bishops...
Residence Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
When first married, CADS lived in a luxurious home at 2 Bennet Street in London. Her husband was often called out suddenly to nearby St James's Palace to attend on members of the royal...
Textual Features Berta Ruck
BR structures this work by association. Her first chapter begins with the abdication of Edward VIII and moves back from that to his Investiture as Prince of Wales on 14 June 1911. Her second is...
Textual Features Rose Tremain
RT brings together the publicly known facts about the Duchess of Windsor's last years, living in a flat in Paris under the control or manipulation of her secretive and possessive lawyer, with an imaginary interpretation...
Textual Features Isak Dinesen
Though far less well-known than Out of Africa (which was also written after leaving Africa, though after a shorter interval of time), it is just as evocative. Stambaugh quotes from it: A community of but...


14 June 1911: The future Edward VIII was invested as Prince...

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14 June 1911

The future Edward VIII was invested as Prince of Wales at Caernarvon Castle in Wales: the first such ceremony to be held in the Principality itself in modern times.

September 1920: The civil disobedience campaign against British...

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September 1920

The civil disobedience campaign against British rule in India began; it involved an immense non-cooperation movement, including a boycott of foreign cloth and British imports.

7 October 1922: The Prince of Wales broadcast a message to...

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7 October 1922

The Prince of Wales broadcast a message to boy scouts from York House in London.

26 May 1926: The BBC for the first time broadcast speeches...

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26 May 1926

The BBC for the first time broadcast speeches from the House of Lords .

1935: The business-oriented and purportedly non-political...

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The business-oriented and purportedly non-political Anglo-German Fellowship was formed in London to promote friendly relations between the two countries. It lasted until 1941 before succumbing to the pressure of war.

20 January 1936: King George V died and Edward VIII assumed...

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20 January 1936

King George V died and Edward VIII assumed the throne; he broadcast a message to the Empire the same day from the BBC 's headquarters, Broadcasting House.

10 December 1936: The Abdication Crisis ended when King Edward...

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10 December 1936

The Abdication Crisis ended when King Edward VIII finally relinquished the throne; his brother David succeeded him as George VI .

11-23 October 1937: Embarrassingly for the British government...

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11-23 October 1937

Embarrassingly for the British government and royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor visited Nazi Germany, where they had a cordial meeting with Hitler .


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