1917 Club


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Leisure and Society Rose Macaulay
In London RM belonged to the University Women's Club and later to the bohemian and socialist 1917 Club (named for its sympathy with the Russian Revolution of that year). She enjoyed attending the theatre and...
politics Mary Agnes Hamilton
MAH joined the 1917 Club , which was to be a meeting-point for Liberal and Labour people who felt similarly about the war and were sympathetic to the revolutionaries in Russia.
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape.
politics Rose Macaulay
Sufficiently in sympathy with revolution to belong to the 1917 Club , RM was a pacifist between the wars, though she belonged to no particular group. In 1935 she voted for a (female) Labour Party
politics Evelyn Sharp
ES was thoroughly in sympathy with the principles of the Russian Revolution, and was one of the founders of the British 1917 Club . She noted that the concept of equal sharing at the root...


After February 1917: Supporters of the Russian Revolution including...

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After February 1917

Supporters of the Russian Revolution including Evelyn Sharp founded the 1917 Club to provide a venue for freely discussing the revolution without fear of attracting attention under the Defence of the Realm Act or Dora.


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