Amber Reeves

Standard Name: Reeves, Amber
Birth Name: Amber Reeves
Married Name: Amber Blanco White
AR , who began publishing shortly before the First World War, produced three clear-eyed and unsentimental novels about the predicament of the modern woman (including the difficulty of reconciling her sexuality with the social world). Her fourth and last novel, which is highly satirical, deals with the political, or rather the bureaucratic, world of men. After that she shifted into non-fiction, publishing monographs on banking, politics, psychology, and non-religious philosophy. She was also the author of periodical articles, and probably an unacknowledged collaborator with H. G. Wells on another book, in the same areas.


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Family and Intimate relationships Rebecca West
From the beginning, the liaison was fraught with difficulties. When they met, Wells was over forty and still married to his second wife, with whom he had come to an agreement that he would be...
Family and Intimate relationships H. G. Wells
Wells wrote about characters who defied conventional morality. In his own life, he married twice, and had a busy extramarital sexual career. He writes about this himself in the second volume of his autobiography (published...
Literary responses E. M. Delafield
Punch gave the novel a very positive review, which Heinemann used in their advertising: An almost uncannily penetrating study of the development of a poseuse. Told with remarkable insight and a care that is both...
Literary responses Sheila Kaye-Smith
This novel brought critical and popular acclaim. SKS said that the weeks following its appearance were some of the happiest of her life.
Walker, Dorothea. Sheila Kaye-Smith. Twayne.
The Times Literary Supplement notice began: No matter what fine work...
Textual Production Margaret Drabble
MD wrote on Amber Reeves for Breaking Bounds: Six Newnham Lives, 2014.


1885: Regular classes began at Morley College in...

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Regular classes began at Morley College in London, a few years after Emma Cons leased the Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo Road, as a venue not just for clean variety shows and concerts but...

February 1920: A report on reorganising the British Civil...

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February 1920

A report on reorganising the BritishCivil Service (particularly with regard to the gendering of employment and salary scales) was signed by members of the National Whitley Council . It was published the same year.


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