Alison Uttley

Standard Name: Uttley, Alison
Birth Name: Alice Jane Taylor
Self-constructed Name: Alison Jane Taylor
Married Name: Alice Jane Uttley
AU is remembered as a writer for small children. In fact, her output extended from fairy tales to finely fashioned autobiographical works; from magic and nursery rhyme to studies of place and dreams and space, even cookery; from two novels for adults to a few plays for children and a host of stories, articles and reviews.
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph, 1986.
Sepia toned photograph of Alison Uttley, shown from the shoulders up with her dark hair pulled back. Her photograph is surrounded by a blue frame, with her head overlapping it at the top, giving the impression that she is leaning out of the frame. The frame is surrounded by drawings of woodland animals wearing clothes.
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Education Margaret Forster
As a very small child MF was noisy and demanding and given to tantrums.
Forster, Margaret. Hidden Lives. Viking, 1995.
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Intertextuality and Influence Dervla Murphy
The desire to be a writer awoke early in DM : at only four, and not yet able to read, she pointed to Alison Uttley 's name on a Little Grey Rabbit book and said...
Leisure and Society Pamela Hansford Johnson
Like Alison Uttley (though with less bitterness) PHJ never forgot hearing in childhood a grown-up say she was ugly.
Johnson, Pamela Hansford. Important to Me. Macmillan; Scribner, 1974.
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The play details the treasonous plot Babington spun to murder Queen Elizabeth and have Catholic Mary Queen of Scots assume the throne.
Fredeman, William E., and Ira Bruce Nadel, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 35. Gale Research, 1985.
35: 77
Babington and his associates were executed with great cruelty on 18-19...
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She relates how jigsaws were developed from maps pasted on wood and sawn round international frontiers so that children could learn geography by re-assembling them, and details the solace brought by them to the spinster...


4 October 1957
The USSR launched the 185-pound Sputnik I, the first artificial satellite to orbit earth; this caused panic in the USA about perceived Soviet research superiority.
By 20 June 2000
Jane Nissen , a former editor at Penguin , published the first four titles by Jane Nissen Books , reprints of much-loved children's books of the twentieth century.