Liz Lochhead

Standard Name: Lochhead, Liz
Birth Name: Eizabeth Anne Lochhead
Nickname: Liz
LL , a contemporary Scottish poet and dramatist, has written a number of sketches, monologues, revues, and full-length plays (some of them adapted from canonical works of the past). She names the Glasgow poet Edwin Morgan as a poetic inspiration.
Lochhead, Liz. Bagpipe Muzak. Penguin.
79, 83-4
She writes about the glitzy modern world of high commerce and humdrum poverty, the failure of emotional response, the selling of heritage. Her fictional characters, most of them women, are seldom lovable and often sharply funny. Although her individual works may seem slight, they resonate powerfully.


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Anthologization Gillian Clarke
GC 's work has appeared in various other anthologies, including Six Women Poets, edited by Judith Kinsman (along with Fleur Adcock , Selima Hill , Liz Lochhead , Grace Nichols , and Carol Rumens
Anthologization Anne Stevenson
Poetry Quartets no. 6 featured AS reading and discussing her poems. No. 7 in the series, issued the same day, featured Liz Lochhead . Each appeared with three male poets.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
Education Ali Smith
Of all the experiences in her university career, AS specifically names readings at Aberdeen by eminent Scottish writers Alasdair Gray , Jim Kelman , and Liz Lochhead as having the kind of vibrancy that splits...
Friends, Associates Jackie Kay
Her friendship with a gay man called Alastair Cameron began during her schooldays. She later became close to a Scottish writer of an older generation, Liz Lochhead , and liked and admired the yet more...
Friends, Associates Anne Stevenson
AS 's close friends have included many well-known late twentieth-century names in British poetry: Frances Horovitz , whom she mourned in a number of poems, a trio of drinking friends in Glasgow (Tom Leonard
Literary responses U. A. Fanthorpe
UAF 's poetry was broadcast on the BBC 's Woman's Hour and selected for Poems on the Underground. She was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1987, a CBE in...
Occupation Zoë Fairbairns
In 1990 ZF was giving short courses on writing for women at the Hen House in Lincolnshire (where Liz Lochhead was also teaching).
“Advertisement”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 4548, p. 580.
She spent four years in the early twenty-first century serving as...
Textual Features Isak Dinesen
Writer Liz Lochhead comments that these tough, transparent fables of longing, of difficult delight and consolation, are romances in the Shakespearian sense.
Lochhead, Liz. “Ice”. Mslexia, Vol.
, pp. 26-7.
Judith Thurman calls this volume the most Danish of ID 's works...
Textual Features Carol Ann Duffy
Many poems here feature women answering back to canonical male voices: Liz Lochhead to Donne , Jenny Joseph to W. S. Gilbert , U. A. Fanthorpe to Walt Whitman , Wendy Cope to A. E. Housman
Textual Features Carol Ann Duffy
The sixty poets were each commissioned for a poem marking a particular year. They included Gillian Clarke (1955: Running Away to the Sea), Ruth Fainlight (1963: World Events), Liz Lochhead (1966: Photograph, Art...
Textual Features Carol Ann Duffy
Critic Deryn Rees-Jones discerns widely varied influences on CAD 's work: mainstream English poets like Wordsworth , Robert Browning , T. S. Eliot , Auden , Dylan Thomas , Larkin , and Ted Hughes ...
Textual Features Shena Mackay
The selection ranges from Shakespeare to Angus Wilson , from the Bible to Liz Lochhead .
Textual Features Anne Stevenson
Despite the strong emotion expressed in some of these poems, AS later remembered the volume as setting free her gift for irony.
Stevenson, Anne. Between the Iceberg and the Ship. University of Michigan Press.
The final poem, A Legacy, On my Fiftieth Birthday, is written...
Textual Production Michelene Wandor
Methuen 's drama catalogue for 1981-2 had listed seventy-five playwrights, only two of them women (as was pointed out by Mary Remnant , who succeeded to MW as editor after the next three volumes in...
Textual Production Timberlake Wertenbaker
TW 's ambitious, seven-hour translation and adaptation from Sophocles , The Thebans, opened at Stratford.
This was a decade before Liz Lochhead 's, or rather Theatre Babel 's, Thebans.
Demastes, William W., editor. British Playwrights, 1956-1995. Greenwood Press.


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