John Donne

Standard Name: Donne, John


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death Cicely Bulstrode
She was buried two days later, on 6 August 1609. At least two of her former detractors, Jonson and Donne , wrote verse commemorations after her death.
Education Catherine Cookson
As a young adult CC took on her own education. With varying degrees of success she studied grammar, elocution, French, and the violin. She also discovered the public library. Colleagues at work got her to...
Education Elaine Feinstein
She later felt she was lucky to be a postwar student; before then, she would have been as out of place at Newnham as Amy Levy . Christianity was everywhere
Feinstein, Elaine. It Goes with the Territory. Alma.
in the syllabus and...
Education Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
ENC went on to receive an MA in English literature from University College , Cork. She says that her generation was brought up on poets like Donne and Hopkins .
McDonald, Roxanne. “Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin”. Guide to Literary Masters & Their Works, Salem Press.
Bryce, Colette. “Making a Poem: Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin”. Mslexia, Vol.
, p. 22.
Education Adrienne Rich
Here she was introduced to the poetry of Donne , Yeats , Eliot , Pound , Frost , Thomas , MacNeice , Stevens , and Ginsberg .
Yorke, Liz. Adrienne Rich: Passion, Politics, and the Body. Sage.
Rich enjoyed her time at Radcliffe, though...
Education Anne Ridler
She lived in a King's College hostel in Queensborough Terrace near Hyde Park,London. The course included lectures on history and literature. The distinguished scholar Jack Isaacs lectured on Shakespeare , Donne , and Milton
Education Dora Carrington
Carrington began to alter herself in other ways also. During her first term at the Slade she began to go by her surname only.
Hill, Jane, and Michael Holroyd. The Art of Dora Carrington. Herbert Press.
Excitement about her new surroundings and acquaintances prompted her to...
Education Michèle Roberts
She chose the medieval option. Her tutor was Rosemary Woolf , and she studied no authors later than Shakespeare . She reports the results of this in two different ways. In one version the course...
Education Elizabeth Jennings
At university as at school, she was a voracious reader of poetry, feeling the influence in particular of John Donne , Gerard Manley Hopkins , and Robert Graves .
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
under A Poet's Choice
Education Nan Shepherd
After attending Cults Primary School, followed by Aberdeen High School for Girls , NS received her MA (a first degree in Scotland) in 1915 from the University of Aberdeen . Her studies in English laid...
Education Catherine Cookson
The house had no books and when a lodger brought in Shakespeare, Milton , and Donne , they were pronounced unsuitable for a child. CC did read a Shakespeare sonnet at about this age and...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Finch
The court decided in favour of the children, and Anne subsequently moved to London where she lived with her paternal grandmother, Bridget, Lady Kingsmill, for most of her childhood. Lady Kingsmill had been a friend...
Family and Intimate relationships Cicely Bulstrode
Despite the eminent respectability of these friends, the unmarried CB acquired a reputation for promiscuity. Poems by Sir John Roe and Ben Jonson , and a letter from John Donne , make casual charges connecting...
Friends, Associates Anne, Lady Southwell
The Southwell family had connections with the court and with London literary society. Anne Southwell's mother-in-law, Alice (née Cornwallis), who was a cousin of the essayist William Cornwallis , may have enabled Anne to meet...
Intertextuality and Influence Helen Dunmore
These poems deal in passing time and final partings, with the sudden recognition of changes accumulated over years. The magic cloak of invisibility longed for by children comes in the end unsought for and the...


c.1590-1601: John Donne composed the famous lyrics which...

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John Donne composed the famous lyrics which were posthumously published and later known as Songs and Sonnets.

30 April 1615: John Donne preached To the Queen at Greenwich,...

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30 April 1615

John Donne preached To the Queen at Greenwich, his earliest surviving sermon.

12 February 1631: Six weeks before his own death, John Donne...

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12 February 1631

Six weeks before his own death, John Donne preached his sermon later printed as Death's Duell.

1633: John Donne's Poems were posthumously published...

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John Donne 's Poems were posthumously published with his initials.

19 February 1640: LXXX Sermons by John Donne was posthumously...

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19 February 1640

LXXX Sermons by John Donne was posthumously published; it included the earliest printed text of Izaak Walton 's biography of him.

2 February 1651: The second of Izaak Walton's biographies...

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2 February 1651

The second of Izaak Walton 's biographies appeared, that of Sir Henry Wotton , as preface to a volume entitled Reliquiae Wottonianae.

19 June 1725: Dorothy Stanley, née Milborne, published...

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19 June 1725

Dorothy Stanley , née Milborne, published by subscription Sir Philip Sidney 's Arcadia Moderniz'd, in four books (coinciding with the thirteenth edition of the original romance).
English Short Title Catalogue.

16 July 1945: The world's first detonation of an atomic...

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16 July 1945

The world's first detonation of an atomic bomb took place at the Trinity Site at Alamogordo: in the desert outside Los Alamos, New Mexico.

May 2009: The BBC aimed to demonstrate that poetry...

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May 2009

The BBC aimed to demonstrate that poetry is for everyone in a series launched this month: it succeeded in that sales of poetry soared in Britain.

October 2014: Forty years after it had become one of the...

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October 2014

Forty years after it had become one of the first five Oxford men's colleges to admit women, Hertford College marked the occasion by replacing its dining-hall portraits of male eminences with striking black-and-white photographs of...


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