Walt Whitman

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Education Sylvia Townsend Warner
When she moved to London, STW was committed to a career as a musicologist.
Warner, Sylvia Townsend. “Introduction”. Letters: Sylvia Townsend Warner, edited by William Maxwell, Chatto and Windus, p. vii - xvii.
She studied music composition with Ralph Vaughan Williams and composed a Requiem for string quartet and voice (to words from...
Education Harriet Shaw Weaver
HSW 's family encouraged her in the regular pursuits of a young, middle-class Victorian woman. From her father she inherited an enthusiasm for poetry—she especially liked Shakespeare , Coleridge , and Whitman —and she read...
Friends, Associates Emily Faithfull
EF 's circle of literary friends included Oliver Wendell Holmes , Joaquin Miller , James Russell Lowell , and Walt Whitman .
Stone, James S. Emily Faithfull: Victorian Champion of Women’s Rights. P. D. Meany.
She also made the acquaintance of many actors and actresses, including Henry Irving
Friends, Associates Isabella Ormston Ford
It was likely Edward Carpenter who introduced IOF to the work of Walt Whitman . She and her sisters began a correspondence with Whitman
Hannam, June. Isabella Ford. Basil Blackwell.
which lasted until his death in 1891.
Intertextuality and Influence Isabella Ormston Ford
Early in her writing career, IOF was influenced by the work of Edward Carpenter and Walt Whitman .
Hannam, June. Isabella Ford. Basil Blackwell.
Her experiences as a labour organizer also stimulated and encouraged her writing: she become even more...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Waters
Nance is almost a colourless character apart from her capacity for passion. (In an apparently non-literary book, a tradition of steamy fiction is evoked when her desire to make Kitty sorry makes her think of...
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte Perkins Gilman
It was a three-part collection. The first section, titled The World, contains nature poems; the second, Woman, addresses CPG 's feminist agenda, and the third, Our Human Kind, is distinctly political in...
Intertextuality and Influence Katharine Bruce Glasier
KBG was influenced early in her writing career by authors such as Walt Whitman , Edward Carpenter , and Plato .
Thompson, Laurence. The Enthusiasts. Victor Gollancz Limited.
Intertextuality and Influence Katharine Bruce Glasier
The title page of the pamphlet references works by both William Morris and Walt Whitman , while the text itself paraphrases Edward Carpenter .
Glasier, Katharine Bruce, and John Bruce Glasier. The Religion of Socialism: Two Aspects. Labour Press Society Limited;Labour Literature Society.
title page, 1
Intertextuality and Influence Kathleen Jamie
The sequence entitled Karakoram Highway (second of the book's three sections), with an epigraph from Walt Whitman , distils moments from KJ 's travels in Northern Pakistan.
Jamie, Kathleen, and Lilias Fraser. Mr. and Mrs. Scotland are Dead. Bloodaxe Books.
From the first poem, about coming...
Intertextuality and Influence Deborah Levy
Again DL produces a fractured plot, mirroring a sense of fractured identity in a fractured world where the classic rules of form and structure no longer fit.
“Deborah Levy”. British Council Literature.
She uses for an epigraph the remark...
Intertextuality and Influence Liz Lochhead
LL wrote her first poem, The Visit, while she was studying at the Glasgow School of Art in the mid-1960s. She included it in her first collection, Memo For Spring. By 1970 she...
Intertextuality and Influence Lucas Malet
The novel's title alludes to the biblical pronouncement that the wages of sin is death (a title which begs to be read ironically, since punishment catches up with each of LM 's sinners after acts...
Intertextuality and Influence Edith Mary Moore
On a more abstract level the novel is an investigation into the workings of liberty, imagination, friendship, passion, the influence of nature on human life, male-female relations, and the imperfections of current social arrangements (under...
Intertextuality and Influence Emily Dickinson
She began practising literary techniques in letters written to friends and family at this time. Evidence of a dialogic, corresponding voice permeates her poetry, resulting in what Archibald MacLeish reads as one of the central...


31 May 1819: Walt Whitman, poet, was born in Long Island,...

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31 May 1819

Walt Whitman , poet, was born in Long Island, New York, USA.

About 4 July 1855: Walt Whitman published a slim volume of twelve...

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About 4 July 1855

Walt Whitman published a slim volume of twelve poems entitled Leaves of Grass; subsequent editions included further poems and revisions.

26 March 1892: Walt Whitman, American poet, died at 328...

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26 March 1892

Walt Whitman , American poet, died at 328 Mickle Street, Camden, New Jersey.

December 1927: Three months after the dancer Isadora Duncan...

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December 1927

Three months after the dancer Isadora Duncan died at nearly fifty, as melodramatically as she had lived, her autobiography, My Life, appeared from the new publishing firm Gollancz . It became an immediate best-seller...

By 20 September 1953: Saul Bellow published The Adventures of Augie...

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By 20 September 1953

Saul Bellow published The Adventures of Augie March. Martin Amis , in later hailing this as the first American novel to show an immigrant as a rightful Discoverer, or a pioneer,
Borne Back Daily. http://borneback.com/ .
21 October 2008

3 June 1956: A bookstore assistant at City Lights of San...

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3 June 1956

A bookstore assistant at City Lights of San Francisco was arrested for selling a copy of Howl, a small-size verse pamphlet by the young beat poet Allen Ginsberg .


Whitman, Walt, and Walt Whitman. “La dix-huitième presidence!”. Le Navire d’argent, translated by. Sylvia Beach and Adrienne Monnier, Maison des amis des livres.