Judith Thurman

Standard Name: Thurman, Judith


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Cultural formation Isak Dinesen
Many of the white settlers in British East Africa (at this date a very small imperial minority among the native Kikuyu, Masai, and Somalis, and another minority of Asians) combined upper-class origins with variously maverick...
Health Isak Dinesen
About the same time she started at art school, ID began fasting in what her biographer Judith Thurman characterizes as an act of defiance. ID saw her fasting as a form of asceticism, and a...
Literary responses Isak Dinesen
On its first appearance, ID 's acquaintance Nellie Huxley pronounced Out of Africa a bad book, tiresome and exaggerated in its character-drawing,and terribly self-conscious throughout . . . I, I, I all the time.
Nicholls, C. S. Elspeth Huxley. HarperCollins.
Literary responses Laura Riding
Of reviewers, Roy Fuller registered Riding's dazzling intellectual gifts, but went on to concentrate on her muse relationship with Graves. Martin Seymour-Smith was more deliberately offensive in his accusations of megalomania.
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
A review for...
Literary Setting Isak Dinesen
Writer Liz Lochhead comments that these tough, transparent fables of longing, of difficult delight and consolation, are romances in the Shakespearian sense.
Lochhead, Liz. “Ice”. Mslexia, Vol.
, pp. 26-7.
Judith Thurman calls this volume the most Danish of ID 's works...
Textual Features Isak Dinesen
Thurman calls this an elegant, but, by Dinesen standards, thin romantic comedy.
Thurman, Judith. Isak Dinesen: The Life of Karen Blixen. Penguin.


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