Edwin Morgan

Standard Name: Morgan, Edwin


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Dedications Liz Lochhead
This volume was dedicated to the memory of Tarık Okyay , LL 's partner who died of cancer three years earlier. Edwin Morgan , for whom Lochhead wrote The People's Poet, provided a foreword...
Friends, Associates Jackie Kay
Her friendship with a gay man called Alastair Cameron began during her schooldays. She later became close to a Scottish writer of an older generation, Liz Lochhead , and liked and admired the yet more...
Intertextuality and Influence Liz Lochhead
LL wrote her first poem, The Visit, while she was studying at the Glasgow School of Art in the mid-1960s. She included it in her first collection, Memo For Spring. By 1970 she...
Intertextuality and Influence Sheenagh Pugh
SP cites her favourite English-language poet as the Scottish ChaucerianRobert Henryson . Other favourites include Sir Thomas Wyatt , George Herbert , Louis MacNeice , Louise Glück , and Edwin Morgan . SP has...
Intertextuality and Influence Ali Smith
The book's narrator is an unnamed, ungendered arborist in mourning for his or her unnamed, ungendered partner, a literary academic whose spectre lingers about the book both figuratively, in the form of unfinished lectures, and...
Performance of text Liz Lochhead
A work by CC which she calls not a play but a theatrical event, Edwin Morgan 's Dreams, opened at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow as part of the Glasgay! Festival.
“Liz Lochhead”. doollee.com Playwrights.
Fisher, Mark. “Liz Lochhead discusses her new play, Edwin Morgan’s Dreams—and Other Nightmares”. The List.
Author summary Liz Lochhead
LL , a contemporary Scottish poet and dramatist, has written a number of sketches, monologues, revues, and full-length plays (some of them adapted from canonical works of the past). She names the Glasgow poet Edwin Morgan
Reception Liz Lochhead
LL was the subject of two National Book League pamphlets, in 1978 and again in 1986. She was one of the first four twentieth-century Scottish poets (of a total of twelve) whose busts were placed...
Textual Production Ali Smith
This project, spearheaded by Edwin Morgan and Roddy Woomble , comprised a collective reinterpreting [of] the traditional form of the Scottish ballad. According to Monica Germanà , Smith derived her lyrics from the ballad of...


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Morgan, Edwin, and Liz Lochhead. “Foreword”. Dreaming Frankenstein and Collected Poems, Polygon Books, 1984, p. 5.