Selima Hill

Standard Name: Hill, Selima
Birth Name: Selima Wood
Married Name: Selima Hill
SH , a poet of the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries, has been described as a risk-taker, and her poetry as seriously comical. She deals with sexuality, erotic love, and disturbed mental states, all from a female point of view. Her poetry volumes are often comprised of very short poems in a sequence spoken by a single voice. Her imagery, in fifteen successive volumes by 2014, is surreal and sometimes whimsical.


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Anthologization Gillian Clarke
GC 's work has appeared in various other anthologies, including Six Women Poets, edited by Judith Kinsman (along with Fleur Adcock , Selima Hill , Liz Lochhead , Grace Nichols , and Carol Rumens
Literary responses Jo Shapcott
Ian Gregson commented in Contemporary Poetry and Postmodernism, 1996, that the use of surrealism by women like JS and Selima Hill , had contributed to infiltrating the mainstream of British poetry with the estrangement...
Reception Kathleen Jamie
KJ has said that now, having all the time, money (a two-year grant from the Scottish Arts Council ), and confidence she needs, she feels able to say, I'm a poet and this is what...
Textual Features Fleur Adcock
Again her introduction is interesting and trenchant. She observes that the early twentieth century already feels remote. Her selection runs from Charlotte Mew (born in 1869) to a clutch of women a little over thirty:...
Textual Production Fleur Adcock
She appeared with six other poets in Portfolio no. 3 from London's Steam Press in 1979 (an actual portfolio of separate leaves, published in fifty signed and numbered copies, in a black cover with illustrations...


26 November 1998: Poems written, read, and discussed by Kathleen...

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26 November 1998

Poems written, read, and discussed by Kathleen Jamie , Jackie Kay , and two male poets were issued as number one in the audio-cassette series Poetry Quartets.


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